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Google play K CBS radio. Okay, Stream. KCBS Radio on your Smart speaker. All news all the time on the Bay Area's number one news station, KCBS. Up to the East Shore Freeway and every bill for the latest installment of KCBS traffic. Kim Well, traffic is jammed up big time behind a four vehicle crash that has been blocking. The three left Elaine's a westbound Interstate 80 just after Ashby. But good news. I would patrol and the KCBS Ways Force confirming that all the vehicles have been moved to the right shoulder so no longer any lanes blocked Nevertheless. Is still bumper to bumper westbound from Gilman. Eastbound also impacted not as badly it's moving slightly into the limit, but it's moving. There are no other delays on the issue. Or if you're headed eastbound into Richmond towards the car, Keenest bridge, No accidents or roadwork. In your way I do see some brake lights. Getting onto the eastbound, a span of the car, Keenness bridge and no reason why something there is slowing traffic, So we'll keep a watch on that. Also, if you're headed out of San Francisco to the Bay Bridge traffic, starting to stack up on North bound, Wanna one just after Caesar Chavez? It really heavies up on the eastbound 80 Skyway. No delays on the bridge itself, Lower deck or upper deck and we still have a back up in San Leandro because of an injury accident. Westbound 5 80 east of estudio that Two left lanes. Air still blocked their next update at 2 48 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Sunny and warm around the bay Area really warming up inland, Upper eighties low nineties there and we still have a right flank fire warning in.

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