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I mean, this is one of the things that though so interesting. There's there's things when you dive into science are very much true in very much, not one, the ones that's you vary sort of well, understood. But as actually one of the things in the book I tried to do, I spent a lot of time with academics. So a lot of time with scientists lotta times the leading researchers in the field, not only interviewing them reading the research, but I had them fact check at and so really tried to get the surf scientific rigor really high. And those colors. Was interestingly dopamine, for example, it's like you really well, understood and lots of, you know, authors and speakers talk about it as the pleasure neurotransmitter, but that's not what it is. It's the motivation are transmitter, and that's actually well-understood in science really poorly understood in popular, not fiction on the other side right brain left brain when these things where it's really cliche to talk about. But actually, when you're talking specifically about divergent thinking and creativity is actually really, really important, and we have lots of hard science on it and lots of pure viewed studies on it. We actually have a really good understanding of the fact that, yes, these things exist and they're different and they have an impact on creativity. And so I think there's some sort of silly things when it comes to right brain left brain like, oh, if you hold something with your right hand, your left hand like we'll have a different fact. And like I think maybe in a very, very, very skeptical way. There's little hints of truth in that, but there is a lot of truth and a lot of science and the idea that you're. Right brain your left brain store memories and mental models differently in the process information differently that has an impact on creativity. And the other sort of thing that I want to push it on this creative communities. It's a very delicate thought, and I actually thought it was probably the most provocative part of your book. And the reason I thought that is because. When I hear people speak at a very, very senior level about creativity, they really talk about a fundamentally being an alone activity..

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