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Welcome back it's frankie voyager doctor steve janecky is with us today we're talking about this steve of kavabased with what's happening in this country and with the latest news from attorney general jeff sessions i'm i'm you know frankly boyer cannabis talk each disease i call it an educational odyssey because that's what it is doctor steve janik felt that there was a need because there was really nothing in terms of regulations m when i say that dr explained to us when you first got into this field and 'em what your mission was and what your goal was trying to accomplish with your company please um one is we believe that if this product is going to be viable that there needs to be protection for public health and safety um but that's us was was very important and the only way to really do that is to be able to manage and control the participants in the industry so that the product it's being sold is product that's tested that five with some guidelines or like we have you know the fda and other guidelines for food and other products that were going to ingest but we also believe that for this industry to grow and flourish and and frankly for for people like jeff sex sessions whom have reservation we'd bills technology to manage that in the street properly so give you an example in colorado a very large participant recently boss 28 licences why because he allow participants to not follow the rules so a participant was able to walk in the store purchases daily limit lead come right back in the store with the same idea and purchased the same daily limits and even that all day long from dispensaries the dispensary and that could be common practice so we have gone through the regulators we've gone through the work this offence and said listen we can provide a very simple piece of software that when they go to check out the the right be it knows the.

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