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Yes no one's gonna come in here and lay minus two fifty on something that they can't cash until two thousand twenty two it's going to be a one way number on the yes and that's why i was an advocate for a lower price after a lot of screaming and childish name calling we came to an agreement and that's the price we're going to hang up today other thoughts on that doug so it's a very interesting i'm rob no it's great and i've always wanted to do things beyond the season i love how you guys did the golden knights proper year and a half with the super bowl the patriots falcons i think that stuff gets created i guess i'm trying to think of it so look i've tried to go against eddin lost that advanced line of the iron bowl so i'm trying to think about where he's coming from and why he would do something i think in anything you want to look at the y and i'm guessing he wants to be aggressive with the line because he's not it's not like he doesn't think he'll get any action to pick them he just wants more so he's he's inviting more evening aggressive because if it's gonna be x sort of bets coming in at minus one ten it's gonna be like two or three x at plus two hundred right so that's what thinking is his is his motivation so taking hurry educated guest that is you're you're one hundred percent correct about that right it's only doesn't think there's any money coming in pick them he just wants more serving me two or three exit plus two hundred so the question is would i rather take three x plus two hundred or or one x at pick them and if it's three x at plus two hundred he must think the real line that's minus four hundred 'cause if you look at the expected value that formula or something like that that's what that's the make sense to him so he must think it's minus four hundred and i don't agree with that i think there's a there's the unknown with durant i think look what did david west say about the golden state warriors this your hey man when it comes out what went down and walk them you guys it'll be made like it's the disease of more that riley talked about in the eighties they have a great culture probably better than anything i've ever seen in team sports and you know i'm sure i'm forgetting some people but it that good with the warriors now with that being said you just mentioned klay thompson to free agent next summer who knows these guys get married get things change and with the quiet leonard variable the la factor magic i don't think the lakers land lebron james without magic or rather with jim bus i don't think that happen so i think the unknown i would play it safe if i'm the west gate at at minus one ten or of course there's always the other variable guys at is planning to leave and trying to sabotage the west gate in four years you know he didn't mention that on the phone call the the the sabotage maneuver but i think i mean everything you said is exactly right i mean ed does think the real price is higher but at the same time you don't need to give people three to one they're gonna take two.

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