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We're here with Roger mcnamee's just talking about how Clinton Perkins don't talk to him anymore. But that's made of them. Would you want to do with this book till you write this book you worked with congress? He worked with European authorities. I think in many ways between you Susan fellers and others have sort of opened the open people to see that tech is not so benign. So I I give Susan way more credit than me, and you know. I give Tristan Harris more credits. Multifaceted approach the same messages Rene duress who works in our in this larger team, there's sandy parakeets. Who's now at apple, you know, there there's Tim Wu and there's a lot of like also you huge, right and David Kirkpatrick. There's a lot of people are contributing this thing, I what do you think it is? So in terms of the writing the book, and what I hope to get out of. It was really simple thing we were in a strategy session in Washington, somebody pointed out that you get to a point in the curve where you can no longer reach a large enough group of people face to face or around the table and converse that you have to start to have a different kind of media plan. And we got a lot of TV. But there was no way to sustain that. And they said somebody's got to write a book. And I thought Tristan was the right one to write the book, but he didn't really want to write the books. So again, everybody takes a step back. It's me I write the book. And so what's the goal? The goal is basically. I use the narrative arc of my discovery. So I'm Jimmy Stewart. This is rear window. I see something that looks like a crime scene. I pulled on the thread without any idea. What's going on? I learned and I use that narrative to teach people what they need to know to understand the business model how the algorithms work the cultures of these companies, which are the source of all the problems, right know, not because the whole stories in here, but rather because there's enough of story in here. So you can recognize the next parts as they come along. And then I finished the book by giving three chapters of guidance. Okay. You know, and the guidance is how to protect your children how to protect yourself. But it's also, you know, how to use your power with your elected representatives to get them to do the right thing. And then Lastly, I tell you hear the things I'm actually doing some which may work few some of which may not because I have a couple of them, so Google Google is the most intrusive surveillance company on the planet at least in sorry. I should say at least in the United States in China. They have competitors. But. Here. They're the most, but they're moving in their headed back there. So I have for the last year and a half played a video game against Google. It's version of frogger Google is the river in the alternative products at the logs, and I'm the frog. And so, you know, whether it's it's duck duck, go ghost to re or one password or exchange or safari, whatever it is they're all these products and every once in a while inadvertently, click on map some restaurant way. Napster good. And then I wind up fully in the river. And I have to go back to the beginning start..

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