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You too. Taymor. Your tighter tot on the Ted. You g you to pay to. Law. So what's good is for your daughter? Your kid not to. Not to yell at you not to tau about you not to. Reveal things about you. So you're. Takes issue with the representation of her in the fuck she feels like that book was on fairly critical of her and it made her just look like a bad person that was bad to her child. So clearly, my sump Shen about this interview. Like all assumptions was not good. And at first year. Is understandably cautious about talking about this with me? Oklahoma hall cushion had a question really down out by wrong Pierre. Oh, so. Is a good or bad? The fact that you wanna talk about it. I think it's good. You'll ma. Here is what you are probably noticing with your own Sherlock skills, when I make keen sparkling insightful observations like this. It seems like this is still some bang. That upset both of you. And that it still seems like a. An issue in your relationship. You're sitting next to me answers like this. Paula go today. And her daughter mining sitting next to her translates every single word as it comes out of her mother's mouth. This is like a river that has parted ways. No matter what her mother says mining has a calm face even tone. She just wants her mom to have her own voice. Her own say, even when that say is painful to hear. What the high? Side, get the. The young chap blah to Mingyuan when. Of course, our poa Goodyear had your menu to your chart. I wanna say some, you know, sometimes you're biggest enemy your worst enemy is your own child. Taught. Yes, yet those hot yet. I don't have any faith. You're daughter or your son's. Mining helps her mom use that voice to tell us in. Her own words, what the bride price is the Gula Goten touch associate Oko at the Monash show. My Cuccia your schoneman. Yeah. The sheep Bates all culture bay or show up. Ocho show. Call the in the E L E jump in your loan the care. Yeah. Day Caleb opinion. Cello or your flea. So it's kind of like day care. You know, you have to pay money for for them to watched or kids and into in the same way, the bride price is. Is kind of like that where I'm not selling my daughter, but I'm asking for something that is due to me. For your view part of the tradition of the bride price is like recouping, some of the very high costs of raising a child honestly with four kids. I would not mind collecting something for what we've invested into each of them. But that is a selfish thing, which is not what the bride price is supposed to be about. It's not about trying to cash in on your child. It's not like, for example, making them the stars of their own YouTube channel where they open toys and then make money off of other kids clicking. They're affiliated links. Just an example, your parents get the bride price. And then they give you their child and your future partner. Did see even go mobile you go. Lessing? So that your life is good..

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