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He credits his Edmund's neighbors, his customers, many of which he knows on a first name basis to help keep them afloat. Getting creative with outdoor seating has also been huge. We don't know when the end of This will be. We need to make sure that we can have a place to see their guest in tow. Keep our business is moving and to keep business moving is what everyone hopes to see. It may only be five or 10 bucks you spend but adding that altogether to our local community can have a huge impact It has about the county says it does not have a concrete number as to how many businesses have been forced to shut their doors. But I was told this, it will likely not be receiving any more federal dollars to help those small businesses meaning Your wallet has more power now than ever before. So as we get closer, closer of possibly having a vaccine for covert 19, a restaurant owner, and Kirkland plans to make vaccination mandatory for her staff right now Cafe Juanita only offering pick up borders. In an interview with CNN yesterday, chef and owner Holly Smith says her staff helped informed her decision to require vaccinations. But she says she's willing to work with people what became very clear Woz that for the emotional and physical safety of my team That tighter boundaries for them have felt have felt better now. Legal experts say employers can put health and safety requirements in the workplace. But there could be limits for the vaccine under the FDA is emergency use authorization. There are also federal anti discrimination laws for people with medical conditions and religious objections. 6 37 here a coma Well, it's now a waiting game following warnings from health experts about large gatherings for Thanksgiving. We certainly plan for the worst and hope for the best. For weeks, Health officials have been fearing that people would come together on November 26th to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. During this pandemic. We've learned that indoor home gatherings of the primary places where covert 19 is spreading all of us on this. Although they're concerned about what Thanksgiving will bring, because covert 19 isn't slowing down in our state or across the country, But according to health experts, we won't see how well people behave this holiday weekend until a couple weeks from now what we saw last March and April is that the hospitalizations peeked under two weeks after the case, reports P It's called most neck problem there. Corona virus pandemic is enough to convince many of us to stay away from the doctor's office. But one woman's experience may convince you not to put off urgent medical treatment towards the end right before I had surgery. Woke up with back pain, and I thought, What do I have to do today to get through today, Jenna had to put off pre surgery appointments and her procedure during the first covered 19 healthcare shut down. The pain just got worse and worse and worse, and worse. So now both Gina and Dr Michael Cashman's a spine specialist in Ohio's Mayfield, Brain and spine want you to know one thing. So we're definitely still open for business. The hospital's probably safer than probably going to the grocery store and it's so clean and the patients are I say, and everybody's got mass and gowns, so we think it's very safe, and it's unlikely that a patient's going to get the code to get the virus from transmission in the hospital. One other thing to know is that prior to any procedure, most offices do set you up for covert 19 testing its one other safety measures so we can continue to provide safe medical care, a medical reporter list on it. And we're just reading here from Los Angeles. That's where a surge of cases has triggered a new state at home order takes effect for all of L, a county on Monday. Now this order bans people from gathering with anyone outside their home, but it's less restricted than the order put in place back in March. Stores and salons are allowed to stay open with these restrictions. Come one Whose time now, 6 40 bucks to cover this morning at the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. They did practice yesterday. Seahawks getting all geared up here for Monday Night football. They got a bit of a practice today before they head to Philadelphia and boy, We're hearing some good news here. Chris Carson practiced. So did cornerback Shaquille Griffin. We'll see what happens. Husky football. No Apple Cup, But at least they have a game against Utah later today, call Moti before at 4 30. If you like to watch that game, which is being played at Husky Stadium, Husky Basketball will play their season opener Sunday down the Las Vegas against second ranked Baylor. That game will be a 3 P.m. Pacific time. The Huskies will open the Pac 12 season Thursday in Salt Lake City against Utah. And Auburn had the honor of trying to knock number one Gonzaga from their top perch Friday. Down in Florida is eggs go on to win Big 90 to 60, 70 or two and Oh played the game with two players back in their hotel rooms, quarantining Due to covert issues and Seattle you after two and, oh, start the Red Hawks beat William just up on Friday Down the Portland 77 53 Sounders advanced to round two of the MLS playoffs with her win over L A F c on Tuesday night. Sounders will face FC Dallas this coming Tuesday night. We've got sports for you here. At 10 40 past the hour Here Come on news shop hundreds of Macy's.

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