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Seventh thirty four year old Dangelo Martin was taken into custody Friday in Detroit as a person of interest in connection with three E side murders. The prosecutor's office declined to confirm if the criminal sexual conduct warrant was related to Martin the body of a woman was found in a vacant house on the city's east side Wednesday, the bodies of the other two women were discovered in separate empty dwellings earlier this year, including one in may. Investigators believe the deaths are related and possibly the work of a serial killer. Meantime, a killer is on the run after a triple shooting in downtown Detroit. One man is dead. And two other people are seriously injured after gunshots. Rang out in downtown Detroit early Sunday morning. Witnesses say they could hear two men arguing in the area of congress in Bogan just after two o'clock before the shooting started a forty eight year old man was shot in the chest back and leg. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died, a thirty eight year old man in thirty four year old woman were also hit and are both listed in temporary serious condition. The suspect is still on the run after originally being reported by police as in custody. The suspect described only as wearing all black and being armed with an unknown weapon. Dan Jenkins, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty enforcement officials and via working to prepare students and faculty for the worst case scenario. There's active shooter training at Novi high school that took place where Novak police and fire departments simulated arm suspects within. In the facility, various school, administrators teachers and students all played a role in a hypothetical environment and responded in accordance with the school response plan. Police chief, David Malloy says recent nationwide events have only served to highlight the need for preparedness. A construction crane buffeted by high winds during a storm toppled on a Dallas apartment building Sunday fire rescue chief Dominique artists says rescuers believe they found everyone in the building. We can't say her say, but we are pretty confident about what we seeing from our equipment as well as I say that we did a complete. We searched the building. Yeah. One person was killed five others injured. At least seven people were injured during a scary and chaotic couple of minutes at the capital pride parade in Washington commander. Giller mole Rivera with MetroPCS. Polices one man was arrested Saturday night for allegedly carrying a weapon, but at no time where there shots fired the man at his handgun were placed in custody at a nearby park. Officers arrived.

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