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Fire inspector Brian Stevens says it's unknown how long it will take to make the necessary repairs obviously there's significant damage and that needs to be addressed as well as the rest of property expedient say before can go ahead and operate again Stephen says the roof collapsed poses a special security challenge because of all the money stored at the casino more than sixty current border patrol employees are under investigation for being part of an immigrant bashing Facebook group the social media club reportedly mocked immigrants and some democratic lawmakers U. S. customs and border protection says eight former employees are also under investigation the post included doctored images of Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in an apparent sex act messages also showed complete apathy for a teen who died in border patrol custody the agency says it's working with Facebook to get a full archive of this secret group it will decide later whether anyone will be fired or punished antrum only back KFI news the valleys last orange Grove could be squeezed out the fourteen acre property in Woodland Hills south of inter Boulevard is up for sale for fourteen million dollars neighbors say they would really miss the orange Grove it makes me feel like I'm in country a little bit and this is why we moved here I used to live in a gated community which was a cookie cutter neighbors say they're expecting the orange Grove to be turned into a new housing development a man has been arrested in grease for the murder of an American scientist ABC's Matt me Gary this is an eating was last seen on the island of Crete almost two weeks ago according to a police source who spoke to ABC news on condition of not being named the suspect confessed to the murder and claimed that he intentionally hit even with his car Eaton who was a molecular biologist was on creek to go to a conference or body was found six days after she disappeared it was in a tunnel used as a storage site during World War two the ACLU was promised a lawsuit over the trump administration's decision to and asylum protections for most migrants to arrive at the U. S. Mexican border Mexico border the new rule published the Federal Register says asylum seekers who passed through another country first will be ineligible for asylum at the U. S. southern border there are some exceptions including for people caught up in human trafficking and asylum seekers who were denied protection in a country we have a crash.

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