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Impulses. This one carries that concede to the next level where the closeness is brought into biological proximity through colds and other viruses. So you can actually go and. Hiccup and were guests contract you one more would more accurately say that say a herpes simplex or a some kind of infection of some sort or some you know biological. Vector from a celebrity and. I guess the the protagonist is a sid marshes in employees the low Lucas. Clinic. Is the US has the very sickly and hail visage mean of one Caleb Landry Jones who was a terrific actor who would've thought would've made an incredible axl rose if anyone decides to green light a guns and roses bio pic. Anyway that's I casting a suggestion if anyone wants to take it and run with it. But now sit march is rather unscrupulous character. Who is? Sneaking out and using his own body is a kind of an incubator from this bespoke clinic and taking the the pathogens. Selling on the black market. So it's a really interesting idea and to the extent it works or doesn't is what I think has been Some of the the thrust behind some of the criticism behind this film now. I was thinking. similarly, you could throw David Cronenberg's crash in the mix of a concede that W-, this viewer was founded hard to get behind the dangling participle here but. That one. For those who haven't seen it. James Spader is falls in with a group of of the enthusiasts who. Like. To marry the I, guess because Fetish. Of automobiles carrying that to the nth degree by combining lovemaking with the dangers inherent of the high speed automobile. Racing really a great an interesting idea because obviously the pairing of the automobile and Illicit sex is one that goes back to when the teen demographic really came into being post war. He had obviously, you're make out points and the vehicles could substitute as surrogate motels for assessing really couldn't afford such things and make a point served as A. Way To get away from the prying eyes of the perennials and so the meeting like a causal, the direct. Link between the eroticism of the automobile and. And young was really A. On this case, sleigh older, I guess it would be but. Really, he kronenbourg worked at all the case no pun intended of of that kind of conceit in boy was at an interesting one and I think the third or fourth. Film I'd seen in the OVA after the a couple of years later into well into my teens and again, something that fell eminently flat with me for it's. Very very like a star can steer kind of off putting end. Sober kit that's been frequently applied to Kronenbourg films, which is clinical I mean literate literally clinical here with Brandon Cronenberg's work as the Lucas Clinic divide is your brought to life. Through cinema in not the most original way as wide has been used throughout cinema but very engaging, very very by chromatic color Palette and this clinic really comes to life in stand you have the the. The foreground and background coming into an standing in short con contrary indication when you have celebrity. Faces in the clinic that everyone wants to be one of whom is Hannah Geist geist is a German for ghost. And she's kind of aid. figure onto which. I guess different. I guess you know. How would you put on? Issues, she's the blank slate into which different. Demands and can be placed. Her Fan base says she's got a large. Large. Fan Base is a young actress in there is much speculation much like in current celebrity culture but who has had what done to them In terms of plastic surgery that say again, going back to the older Kronenbourg key Lloyd can seat from like. What is it? The film rabbit and the the grotesque lab in that one but. There's speculation about her vulva that's been. It's been it is the definite article or whether that's been specially fashioned in created for her now stinking as you is this your through Netflix's, there's a number of rather gross. Has. Surgery. Shows that have come to the forefront as Netflix is developing more what you could broadly be lumped into the documentary category if they weren't such reality TV driven drek but. A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon I believe is one of them in has these grotesque characters who talk shop about their. But rather sort of business in the interview I Guess Prospective Clients Sends you get get to. I guess go through the various The psychology behind and workout their. Work out there I mean what would you say pathologies if you WANNA call it that work out there the psychology of why they're getting what they're doing and in exchange for I think discount on some of these procedures whether it's jobs or a rhino plastics or what have you. They get. Exposed ends exploited through the wonders of Netflix in being no to I guess eighty different countries that the service operates in. So the Lucas Clinic taps into that vernacular and when March is using his. Own. Body to make extra money a bit there there's it's kind of got A. Bit of world's oldest profession of vibe to it but a other critics than I wouldn't be the first to remark upon this would have touched on the vampiric elements of this. They're all very warn white pasty characters who look like they have iron deficiencies and they're. You, know frequently injecting one another with the with various serums in that. So the it's a fair comparison to make. Now. Hannah geist has also fallen ill with another kind of disease hand. There's all these machinations about how. She could've gotten that and how she. Her how she comes to her end is a plot point that the film. Dives into as a rival company called. VOL- INTESA starts to Trying to encroach on the territory occupied by the Lucas Clinic and Cashing in on US liberty of bodily of. Bodily fluids and pathogen so again Very Interesting idea that the Brandon chronic explorers in one that thinks some you UK critic said wasn't overlay original because of the subject matter once again. I guess exploring what it means to. To. To buy into celebrity culture and due to a certain extent. I. Think some of those criticisms are warranted because again with the conceit of getting to get close to your favorite celebrity injecting. Injecting virus into your skin cells it's As celebrity culture involved. If you WANNA use that term but I would say people are becoming their their own celebrity and I think it's not as it's not as ivory.

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