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Of New York. Tell me you mentioned the 5 30 meetings and someone may be in a, who's pissy at that time, the most often. One of your co hosts. Peter akal, it goes back and forth. I'm the most pleasant one. So Jamie can have her days to, but as going to be Peter or Kyle, and I'm the pleasant one, the peacemaker song. One of those two know that you can count and bank it of which one it is going to be. I will say it always comes from a good place. Those two worked her ass off to make sure that it's a very good show each and every day. That from both of them will say how hard they go to make sure we put a good product on air. What was it like for you the first time you're in the studio and Kyle did angry runs? Is not only doing it, is him trying to catch his breath as he's finishing. I get legitimately nervous. I'm like, he's coming to the table and he's like, Peter, you start. We got it. We got Derrick Henry. I'm just like, is he a pass out? Do we need to go, so it is so impressive. People don't realize as Kyle's doing angry ones. There's no prompter that he's reading from. He has a card with maybe 5 words written down. And he's able to reference things and go from this to that. That was the biggest thing I took away of coming and working with these three every single day of seeing how talented they each are at whatever it is they're crafted. Peter's relationship building, his reporter and journalist I, like, we'll have a discussion and I'll say something. And before I can finish, he's already thrown a question back at me to challenge whatever it is that I'm coming up with. And then Jamie's ability to just keep it all under control and for her that prompter is going a mile a minute of getting it all in and making sure everybody's on the same point. She said she's like the point guard where it's around the back pass is no and everything. So I think as a player you go in and you're just like, these people just sit in front of a camera and just mix stuff up and then you get in there and you get to see the nuances and how talented each member is really cool to see. Before I let you go, give me a Super Bowl prediction. Super Bowl prediction. I am going with the San Francisco forty-niners against the Kansas City Chiefs going to be a rematch of a few years ago and I am going to say Shanahan finally gets his Super Bowl. I just came up with that. You put me on the spot so I may change it tomorrow on the show and we'll see. You know, what I like about this year is I feel like these are the four best teams. I mean, the sort of always rises to the top. And it's crazy. I don't know if you pay attention to the betting odds at all and the betting world, but the odds right now for those four teams to win the Super Bowl. There's not a big difference between one through four. So it tells you how close everything is, which I think is great. For the next couple of weeks, four juggernauts. Yeah, for sure. Jason really appreciate it, enjoy the conversation. And will you do any, do you have any more radio games or you done for this season? The wild card was my last month's call. Join the games for my couch. All right, and we'll be watching you on good morning football every morning Monday through Friday on the NFL network. Jason McCourty, thanks a lot. Appreciate it. Take care. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. My pleasure. Stevenson university online is a leader in advanced technology education with masters and certificate programs in cybersecurity. Digital forensics and digital transformation and innovation. No GRE required, and new online sessions start every 8 weeks, taking your career to the next level, let's Stevenson university, be your partner for professional success. Visit online Stevenson dot EDU. 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My buddy saw the as we prepare for the last real weekend of the football season before the fake game for the fake fans. Sal, how's it going? I always say the same thing. It's a glorified exhibition games. It means the most, but it's a glorified exhibition. Essentially, football season's over. I mean, that's it. There's three games left. It's over. Yeah, to me it's over after Sunday, so. We have a lot. I have a lot of topics here. I'm gonna start with the dumbest topic first because it's so ridiculous. It's not even with disgusting. But for you, you'll get riled up and I might say something, but I'm just gonna say two words. I'm just gonna say two words and I'll let you go and then I'll go. Scott rolling? What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing? I love it, but I hate it. It's the same thing every year. But it's fun. It's fun to discuss everything. He shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame. You and I know it, you know, you can talk about who's in. It's twofold, right? It's who's been getting in and who's not getting in. But it's at least fun, I guess, to vent at least once a year on it. I'm a hypocrite because I've always said, I always say the same thing every year. If you get worked up about the Hall of Fame, you're an idiot. At this point now, it's like it's a fake thing. It's ridiculous. It's a museum. Don't get worked. Don't get worked up over who is in and out. What does piss me off though is because we're in this ridiculous time where you're not allowed to say anything and Twitter and this and that. If you say that Scott, you don't think Scott Roland should be in the Hall of Fame. And forget not he shouldn't be anywhere and he shouldn't be allowed to see if Cooper's town. Then it's, oh, you're raining on his parade. You're shitting on his moment who are you to say, why? Listen, this is sports. We're allowed to analyze sports. We're allowed to say this was a good game. This was a bad game. This was a good play. This was a bad play. So if you have this building that has become completely meaningless and a complete joke, you're allowed to say whether you think the guy should be in. So, you know, I get a God forbid you say anything negative about everyone sensitive and all that. But I mean, what are we doing?

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