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Yes or no or just uc nakazawa in new york because this guy allesandro brooklyn yanni and he which is not a japanese no how he found a sushi hours he watched the movie the documentary jiro dreams of sushi and on a large he reached out to one of the apprentices dice que because kazaa from the movie and was like hey do you wanna come to new york and open a restaurant and they open did as one does does and it's so popular when they open up reservations at twelve twelve midnight they sell out by twelve o two into their hoping that that's going to be that same kind of thing in dc but it's controversial you know it's a very liberal city who knows who's gonna want to go and spend a lot of money there are people who just will not want to step foot into the hotel rain yeah most often most often when you go to a hotel restaurant you kind of go to the to the bathrooms that are in the lobby and you don't have to at all go into the trump hotel in this place to say that we'll see all right let's also talk about i don't think you can make sushi in a dutch oven but nonetheless you guys feature attached dust which surprisingly is very uncommon in fact this company comeback is the only company that is making dutch dutch ovens everybody else's based elsewhere so when we came across this device we were like oh we got a feature at feature a lot of home items in this page the one and this is a super heavy duty almost twice as thick as most other ones from like lake rousse that you might be familiar with and it has a built thermometer so the thickness means that the heat is really evenly distributed even up the sides of the dutch oven and it's super easy to clean they all are for everybody who's on radio i mean it looks like a tank it's gray it's not colorful and it's like solid yes and is very heavy and it costs four hundred and fifty dollars so which is a little bit more expensive than say but not really there's a little bit of sticker shock but then when you think about how much people do pay for these use them forever they never go away.

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