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Should they are the real democrats of spain lulled the d separatists who wanted a referendum in the name of the rights of foot boss i would also because it's been serving a twists and turns that you know this still fifty days to these elections and plenty of opportunities bush sites to make ren does mistakes of the kind that we've seen the last two months rafael miranda author of the struggle for catalonia unsparing correspondent new york times thank you for joining us from barcelona you're listening to monocle 24 up next how much will really change when france lifts its state of emergency ubs has a one in nine hundred investment analyst from one hundred different names over nine hundred of the sharpest millon freshest thinkers in the world of finance to learn no one has maung no one knows small me and find out how we can help you contact us yesterday you are listening to the daily on monocle 24 it is just a couple of weeks short of two years since a nationwide state of emergency was declared in france following a series of terrorist attacks in and around paris which killed one hundred and thirty people that state of emergency will end tomorrow after a fashion france is to replace the state of emergency with a rugged new antiterrorist statute which will permanently grant to law enforcement agencies some of the powers to which many french citizens mont of supposed they were only to be temporarily entitled we'll joining me in the studio is florence prediman bureau chief for agence france presse in london florence that question first of all i guess is the much difference between the state of emergency about to wind and the new lower about take force.

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