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Com slash passion to listen today. So W's this neighbor's house and explaining the situation and the guy seemed to be pretty nervous. He ran over to his Carl Debbie following him took a gun and flashlight from his car and both. He and Debbie ran across the street. He tried to open Michelle's front door. Debbie's key. But it didn't work for him. Either Debbie beg the neighbor to break window to check on Michelle. But he refused. He walked to the back of Michelle's house into the garage look through the garage window, Debbie look through two and the neighbor pushed her away so hard that she fell to the ground. The man had not wanted Debbie to see the horrible sight in the garage. He called nine one one to report through as a man hanging dead in the garage. Then he told the operator something about multiple deaths. Police arrived and just about the same time Michelle's fan. Lisa arrived. So the police pushed Debbie Lisa back to stand. Cross the street and began surrounding Michelle's house with yellow tape. Paramedics arrived along with more police cars and fire trucks. So Debbie and Lisa were told that Terry Michelle had been found murdered in Michelle's house. They knew that it was particularly disturbing scene. When two police officers came out of the house and promptly vomited. That's a bad sign because these were experienced police officers so it had to be something really upsetting in there inside the detectives had found Terry Brant slumped over a living room couch covered in blood. She had been stabbed seven times. Michelle was in her bedroom. Lying on the bed. She had been stabbed once in the chest. She'd been decapitated and her head was placed sitting beside her body, her heart was cut out and her breasts were severed off and also placed on the bed. Her intestines were deposited in the trash bin in the bedroom. So this goes beyond murder, this is mutilations bureau, murder and beyond dismemberment yen. It's kind of set up to make a certain kind of seen shrew sounds like is so horrific. I can't even imagine. And I just think it was so lucky for her friend that she didn't walk in and find that if she would never be the same. Mean losing your friend is one thing? But to see that how would you ever get that image out of your mind think you could? I do feel bad for the officers that had to come upon it though. It's a horrible thing to Turk to rob hammered and Bob Jane's had never seen anything like this Michelle's panties and bras role shredded with the same knife and strewn about the room, they wrote Victoria's Secret brand. So this raise the question of whether Charlie had been through underwear before. And that was the reason why he called Michelle Victoria's Secret make sense to me good point. So detectives concluded that after stabbing his wife Terri with one of Michelle's kitchen knives. Charlie brand had spent a long time with Michelle investigators spent two days examining an inventory Michelle's house when they check the FBI database the MO of the killings matched. Exactly that has Sherry Aparicio in big pine key, Sherry was a homeless former beauty Queen who has found about a thousand yards from Charlene, Terry. House. She had been killed in a visceral under the big pine key bridge, which is just a few blocks away from the brand house back in nineteen eighty nine while they're in a similar crime in Miami Dade County, plus twenty six others with the same ritualistic characteristics. Investigators found Charlie hanging in the garage. It looked like after he was done with what he did to Michelle. He showered and changed into clean clothing. He was wearing a white polo shirt and blue shorts. Then he found a long white bed sheet at a metal step ladder and hung himself from the rafters after learning about what had happened. Angela Brandt came forward with the secret the family of captain since nineteen seventy one. So the brands house on big pine key had been left boarded up meticulously in preparation for the storm. Charlie had taken this test to the extreme every piece of wood that was cut for each window. Look like. It had been custom fit the holes for the door knobs on the French doors were precisely cut inside the house things were just as well kept. But investigators were shocked when they looked in the master bedroom on the back of the bedroom door was a graphic medical poster of the female anatomy, Sipa creepy in the poster the woman's hair is up in a bun, which is a new one to me. I've seen a lot of medical posters. I've never seen that. But it shows the muscular skeletal systems Terry would have seen this poster every day, and we can't help. But wonder what she thought about this? Neither Charlie nor Terry were in the medical profession. So there was no reason for that chart to be there. Did she think this was no big deal? Or did. She kind of know that he was a sicko. I don't know. But I can't imagine sleeping with that thing on my bedroom door accuser next to this man, it just gives me chills. Even if you didn't know about his hissed. Sorry. I would not be okay with that very weird. Very very weird. But there are other Erie findings including medical books journals, and in anatomy book, and in the anatomy book, there was a newspaper. Clipping that show too, humid heart. So knowing what he did the, Michelle. And then finding these things in his home things started to come together make some sense, well as much as anything like this could make sense so crazy, so they're also Victoria's Secret Cadillacs van in the house addressed Charlie so far from being a friendly. Uncle Charlie hid actually been secretly obsessed and sexually attracted to his own niece. They had no idea. We don't know if Terry knew anything, but Michelle clearly didn't know, right. She did not have friends in her. Parents said there's no way she'd put up with any of that. When investigators examined Charlie's computer, they found that he'd been on some really horrible websites to that featured death fantasies necrophilia in some really extreme violence against women to detectives, it was a certainty that Michelle had not been the first woman that Charlie hit killed. This looked like someone who'd done this before. It was very meticulously done very planned out. So they expected to find some evidence that Charlie was a serial killer in the only real question was how many other victims had there been we've had over thirty years here for him to do this between the killing of his mother and the killing of Tyrian, Michelle. So to try an answer that police tried to match their unsolved murders with Charlie Brandt's travels in the United States as well as abroad potential cases were weeded through to find specific similarities to Charlie's murder of Michelle because the murder of Terry was pretty much just to get her out of the way. I would think it was just

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