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Let me bring him a man. He Game I respect. Yesterday had my respect already is a great brother, great broadcast and a great man, but he. He took some shots yesterday. And he kept swinging and so he's back again the day for undoubtedly more shots, so I got love for my. Brother? What up, Chris, first, and foremost this is, this is your house i. Am a guest in your in your house, so I'm GonNa, let you say those things despite. Being big drew and the record the punch count the. The. Tax It was lopsided. Man Trust me no. Listen listen. I got. I'm putting up Floyd Mayweather numbers punching a lot. Not Getting points points back I'm sticking in moving. As my marriage or we're GONNA have a lot of fun today. I mean Nass car is breaking news with NASCAR. We'll get into that right away, but there's NFL stuff I said. Baseball College Sports Lot going on there and we're GonNa have fun with all of his. Let me introduce the crew and we will jump right into it. We got of course DJ. Alex Tyson Aka. Alex Vegan on the ones. Ones and Twos, and it is a Tisha Tuesday. So some of his original cuts will become in and out of the brakes. We've got the Super Producer Rob g running things in on the updates. My man the leader of the Big Three Ralph. Irving so we're going to have a great time. Day less started off with Nascar and this just broke about less than an hour ago roughly an hour ago. About the bubble wallace situation. Where an news news have been allegedly found in his garage. Talladega the FBI has now completed their investigation, and it's a shocker I'm GonNa let rob g explain. That's right. Chris Fifteen FBI agents. We're on this case. And they determined that the news that was found hanging over bubble. Wallace's garage was not actually a noose at all, but a rope tie news for the garage door that was fashioned in the shape of a new so to speak, so they concluded it was not a hate crime. There will be no charges placed on. Anybody and NASCAR actually confirmed based on their own video evidence that that not that new shape not had been hanging that garage since October of last year. Wow, well, let George. I'M GONNA. Give my taking in I definitely want to hear yours because there are a lot of people. Or social media a lot of people at this radio station right here Fox sports radio who are killing bubble wallace. Seemingly devoid of the facts, they don't care what the facts are. They are killing bubble wireless and saying he wanted to play the victim. Here's my opinion on this number one. BUBBA wireless didn't find the news. Or the rope whatever you WANNA call it at this point. Bubba Wallace in fact never saw the rope. So it's not like. Bubble walked into the garage by himself. saw the rope and decided to say you know what. The confederate flag black lives matter I'm going to make a story out of this. No one else is around. I'M GONNA. Tell them I found the news. No..

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