Washington Post, Lyndon Johnson, Gore discussed on Mark Levin



He was protected by the washington post the man had sex with a 17yearold in turn the man had sex with an east german spy that man had sex with the girlfriend of a mobster and i could go on and on yes i could but you're not allowed to you can't talk about that stuff lyndon johnson becomes a multimillionaire somehow some way he gets tv and radio licenses that man was dirt poor when he was elected to congress he leaves the presidency exceedingly rich how did that happen while i don't know the you bill clinton so poor when he was governor he he put on his tax former a deduction for used underwear he's now worth one hundred million dollars al gore worth one hundred fifty million dollars these men never produced a damn thing in every created a damn thing they left the presidency and the vice presidency and they sold out just like obama sda there is no scandal in this meeting ladies and gentlemen as they continue to drag it on and on there is no scandal ladies and gentlemen none none but ladies and gentlemen look what's taking place look at the distraction it is embarrassing embarrassing that have to come behind this microphone five days a week and talk about this crap as the country unravels as the murder rate in chicago goes through the roof is the murder rate and baltimore goes through the roof this is a country in deep trouble and let me tell you something i don't believe were in deep trouble because of you the american people i believe we are in deep trouble because the.

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