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Well, listen Malone. Listenable Llano was Sam on who's the boss? She was Tony danza daughter. And all man, I think she she may be just a year or so older than me maybe two I don't know how she is now. But I know she was just a tick older than me as I was growing up and. Oh, she she might have been my first television crush, maybe. I remember alyssum Alana will and somehow between then my eight nine ten year old self today in my forties. I don't know thirty years has turned to listenable Lonzo who was once my teenage crush into that woman, your buddy Mary's, and you really just don't want him hanging around anymore because you can't stand her that. That's who is to me. This sort of an insufferable just sort of shrill everything is I can't imagine being married to a person. Like this. I must tell you. They just seem to wake every day with some ax to grind, and it's generally about how much men suck. So she's really decided here. She's got an idea she has launched a brand new sex strike on Twitter. Have you heard this yet? As I look at it. I believe it just. Yeah. Yeah. It was just yesterday. So this weekend mother's day weekend. Listen Milano is encouraging you women to withhold sex. From we dumb men why. Well, because of the abortion legislation that's being passed out there in places like Georgia. I kid you not. She says here's a tweet. Our reproductive rights are being erased and until women have legal control over our own bodies. We just cannot risk pregnancy. Join what what does that mean until women have legal control over our own bodies? We just cannot risk pregnancy. So if you let's let's work with this for a minute. You don't currently. But if you did you have total full control over your body. Meaning if you did then you could risk pregnancy. Risk pregnancy. So if you said another way if you had full and total control ladies of your own bodies, then you can have all the sex you want and quote risk pregnancy. Okay. But she's saying because you don't because you're all kept women and you're under the control of we patriarchal men. She said join me by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back..

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