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Brian Mulroney, the former premier of Canada recalled President Bush's role in pivotal moments of Cold War history. The Gulf war the Americans with disabilities. Act ABC's. Karen Travers joins us from Washington National cathedral care, Aaron I think those eulogies, of course, had these amazing moments talking about George W H W Bush and his legacy in politics. But this speech that everybody is going to be talking about. Of course is the one from his son from the President, George W Bush who broke down with the motion at the end when talking about his father as saying he is the best starter a son or daughter could have had, but he got in some humorous ribbing of his dad just perfect moments to break up the speech that had people wiping away tears had people laughing where he talked about his dad's love for life. He said this was a person who wasn't cynical. He was somebody that saw the good in people and always tried to live every. In it to the fullest. And he chalked that up to the experiences. His dad had as a young man he said he had a staph infection and nearly died. And of course, when his plane was shot down while serving as naval aviator in World War Two that those experiences made him live at two speeds full-throttle and sleep. That's why he golfs fast. That's why he jumped out of a plane with a parachute at age ninety because he wanted to squeeze every last bit about out of life. But he also said he wasn't somebody that was too busy to not stop and share that level light with his family and friends somebody who fully appreciated the value of not just work. But everything else, I think this line from the George W Bush that his father was the brightest of a thousand points of light and that he recognized that serving others enriched one sold just very sentimental. Very classic George W Bush mixing that humor with the personal and not talking about him as a politician. This was him. As a son talking about his ABC's? Karen Travers, our White House correspondent at Washington National cathedral, where George W Bush did in fact show up at the end of his eulogy before regaining his composure. He notably patted. His father's lag draped casket twice as he went back to his seat at the cathedral. Former First.

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