Union Jack, Verona, Coulter discussed on Saturday Morning Open Phones


Pray there why aren't we quiet in the union jack now why are we have an extra of king george repaired around our general cornwallis for that matter so the that that argument that part of our history if phnom fab um i just know that beer protesters had not pay vat right of fake they were there for one per person that is killer paying eight they've got the right to free speech by the at verona saying at the same time uk y'all fire at a crowded theater and that's what these guys so intense to what could do to inflame paid off and they got what they wanted it got what they want it if you have to think that there you know those boy fight that twenty year old who i hope get what eager that perfectly o k her run over people there who are fed up with what people paying for which are nothing but hey trad of uh other racers renault other coulter that make up this great country i i'm just so shocked by everything and yet trump you could tell when he finally came out they later with his apology he went airport who he was rained up from a talent prompter and how eat a good advice than the burt from that country report you end or ring or you know the approval rating a bad enough i think i'd give hit helping south i looked at it'd be watching that press what i like to do and i will tell you one guy on fox news that really stood out to me this week is charles krauthammer who is a who is on the said that bret baier special report show every night six o'clock fox news.

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