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Capital partners one of its biggest shareholders disclose that it is once again trained at stake in the food company for drinking associates I'm Tom Newman financial adviser for newsradio WTAM J. this report sponsored by Mr Holland's heating and air conditioning visit Mister Holland's heating and air dot com every now and then we hear people say my furnace isn't like the ones my neighbors have so I didn't call you well that's like saying the doc my symptoms aren't the same as the other patients in your waiting room so I left just because your HVAC system is different from your neighbors doesn't mean we can't fix it we've seen it all got an oil furnace we do those got a steam boiler Hey no problem got a unit located in your closet we've got you covered live in a mobile home easy as pie we even help an elderly woman up north who was still burning coal is her fuel source she drive an old rickety truck down to Milwaukee and loaded up with coal if we can fix that we can fix just about anything try us you think your system is weird different and unique wine we are different and unique to it's a match made in heaven or your basement or your classic call eight six six nine nine two says may nineteen. seventeen or visit Mister Holland heating interact com I'm Steve Holland if your system is as weird as me we can help. talking to my buddy Jim Griffin Jim you always see in your ads I love this is no better place to be why is that a John in our dealerships we just don't sell cars we sell people comfort and convenience and a fun environment to buy a car these cars are expensive gym and you want to make sure you protect that investment how do you help people do that well it's not just buying the car buying the cars the fun part is when you need the service how convenient is that service when my wife brings her car into the Griffin dealership she feels comfortable she feels safe and she feels like it's going to get done right the first time we work on that if you look at a car dealership the show room is a very small place the big spot is the garage so we are always constantly working on process is to take care of that customer to get him in and out of that dealership and fixed right the first visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in Griffin help Milwaukee Griffin Ford Lincoln fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge jeep ram in Jefferson..

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