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It's just it's hard to criticize steps towards the goal but look i don't think that they're i think teams will be almost equally mickey slightly less motivated to actually there's no year there is no right answer there is no solution it's just ways to try to help i do love the idea of man i'm so glad they fix this this year because it would have germany crazy food did all year long if the the the foul shots on the reason make it look like a natural motion to get your your breeze i thought that was the most eat the easiest rule they could have done that midway through the season last yes listen we're not going to call thousand those unless it the natural shooting moshe while now that they did that get that ugly part of the game was felt like the ref should just have a that was bs clause it had recall they make that was just be as might be about the rules the dow somebody as we want you try to actually big baskets that your ear for okay all the guy travel nauseam act the truth like okay like you're right you're right player that was somebody as i could do that because ever referee and they should totally go nfl mode right there and have the the rest mike also the all coronary bigger here mad basketball fans at all were happy with me because that was the only did they did kinda do that today's harden though with the actual active shooting in india hands in the motion because he goes get a lot of contact on the way of the whole oil and then sort of like finish was left today for his if you're going to the rim that's fine if those three it's the the leanings 3pointers like have you ever she hit a threepointer like that it's ridiculous you can't play defense if you can't fly by the guy and contest like it's just it's it's a great route physical year as in for jalen rose dave jacoby this is still j alan indika we for some reason next on espn radio it's time for keeping movement we've abel balbo the american in nashville in wild card games until a champion his crowd at the world series major league baseball's postseason can be heard right here on espn radio and on the.

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