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Really liked to do. So the next week at join toastmasters to to learn how to do public speaking. And then by june twenty fifteen a friend of mine and former co worker ran a security conference invited me to speak at the conference so i spoke there and then again in two thousand eighteen and then started two thousand nine hundred ninety two thousand twenty start. Doing a of speaking close at the beginning of somebody talks a you know. I think it's it's it's a thing to say. But i don't think he actually follows it all the time. 'cause you a great power comes great responsibility yes correct. I think it's a good a good quote for people getting started the industry because it's a way to tell them you know when you learn these hacking skills. Be careful to get yourself in trouble because you don't want to you know ruin your career before you really get started. It's hard to say the people. Because i was talking to some teenagers and i was saying to them. You know. i am not technical hacker. I have people right so say the explain what social engineering was and i said. I knew something so assessment you. I'm gonna tell you something. This is very cool. And i was telling you about packet sniffing rice but why shock even as i was saying to the on thinking. Oh my god. I could see that little faces gone why you know giovanni evoked that when you people i asked. I've asked if you social engineering as they gone it because it really is to cook the same people just shoes anyway. they like. I guess she said. I haven't really so much because you know if someone wants to do bad they're gonna find out with or without you and if they want to do evil things than than they can on the dark web or find some other nefarious areas to to learn how to use it for bad so i think that but then i think but that takes a lot of time and energy and dig in and i'm making it really simple easy once i. She's very for a paper or is appropriate of is just was just as you think so am. Did you have any mental in ukrainian. Anyone you mentioned that you a great manager that you an wait with a gain soon. So staff mentos Anyone sort of you follow carefully and a of people that are just. I really want to follow that. Maybe not so much mentors. But people that i'm a big fan of just because one of the interesting things is for like years even before i got into to pen testing and stuff i was going to college and was you know taking a music class. Music appreciation are maybe as music history. And we were studying about mozart and just seeing the genius to some people and just seeing the genius of freddie mercury. That learned is such as so. That's really always intrigued me. Because you know. I'm not a gifted person. I just one these kind of people that put in a lot of work to learn what i did. So people like. Listen night and chris quebec ed. They just really amaze me that the level hackers that they are so people like that As far as people it is. I think is a good role model..

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