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Nice to have you on sequoia good morning sequoia cass tech in the house justin morning doing fantastic justin at so ford is where justin graduated from we got by the way got to open phone lines to going to do six total contestants so eight four four molavi for four six six five six five four eight if you want to be honest ishmael how are you is that how i pronounce it smell high from pioneer how are ya fantastic good to have you on here's the you made it look easy got it right there so got it there you'll you'll win that too and rachel just said that there's nobody else awakes go with two thousand eighteen are you kidding me nobody china with your kids working with four we don't have a million questions i thought that they text already all right parents answered the phone so let me ask you guys a question ryan sequoia justin ishmael what the heck are you guys doing early in the morning if you guys could be sleeping in right now i woke me up sorely oh gosh so you guys are all little sleepy oh boy no summer jobs for any of you guys.

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