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Karen Moscow and U.S. stock index futures They're a little changed to lower this morning European shares are lower This is the final trading day of the year of course and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day On Bloomberg right now S&P futures are down 5 points down futures down 46 and NASDAQ futures their little changed The cac and Paris is down about three tenths of a percent and the FTSE 100 down a quarter percent And your treasury of two 30 seconds you'll have 1.50% that yield on the two year .72% 9 X screwed oil is down 1.1% on 82 cents at 76.17 cents a barrel Comics called up 7 10% or 12.3 cents at 1826 40 an ounce The Euro on .1344 against a dollar British round 1.3506 the yen one 15.10 And of course we're watching Bitcoin It is at $47,890 right now That's up about one and a quarter percent And that's a Bloomberg business flash Paul and greedy All right Karen Moscow thank you so much we appreciate that As always Johns Hopkins University they've been so good to us during this entire pandemic making available their world class experts on these on this pandemic on these vaccines and we really appreciate that including doctor Andre pecos From the John Scott conference university joined us earlier today to give us the absolute latest Let's take a listen It's important to note that the total case count to the official case counts are staggering and they're probably underestimates of how many cases of COVID-19 are going on in the country right now It's been very difficult to really predict on a weekly basis how cases are going to go There's some data out of South Africa showing that the surges have fallen off as fast as they increased Hopefully that's going to happen in other places as well too But it's really staggering the number of cases that we have important to note also that hospitalization rates are going up because of just a total number of cases that we're seeing We've heard this as well from UK officials that the estimates are likely that the numbers that we're talking about are likely underestimates by a factor of two or three It wouldn't surprise you when I say we had 2 million new cases globally in one day It wouldn't surprise you if the real number was 5 million or even 10 million Absolutely not I think all of us have hear people who are sick The idea that the home tests are probably not being reported as effectively to public health officials as tests from a hospital or from another testing center would be All that is contributing to a real undercount in a number of cases that we're seeing outside of obviously hospitalizations and deaths because we can get pretty accurate numbers on those It's also of course New Year's Eve today happy happy New Year's Eve to you doctor pet gosh I'm wondering how comfortable you would be going to a bar a big festivity a crowded place to celebrate New Year's Eve if you are fully vaccinated with a booster as well Well I think given the number of cases and the fact that so many individuals are now sort of homesick and not working and not contributing to some of the things in society I would be very cautious about going out to any event that has a large number of people there too Again vaccines are protecting us against severe disease but just because it's not protecting us as well against symptomatic disease And so if you get sick you'll be out of work for a few days and out of touch with other things for a few days And that is what sort of taking a larger toll on our society right now than even the deaths The number of people that are out sick particularly here at the hospital and in other places is really taking a massive toll in terms of how things can function Doctor talked was about the testing piece of it all I'm a throw some numbers here Over 300 million people in the United States Joe Biden talking about requesting 500 million rapid test a household If you just do some very quick math or that's less than two tests per person how often should people be testing and how much of that should be a factor just considering the size of this country Well you know in an ideal situation if you're getting it if you're coming in contact with people on a regular basis like going to work and those kind of things ideally you'd love to be able to take a rapid antigen test or something like a saliva test once or ideally twice a week That is impossible right now because of the large number of tests that are being focused on people who are symptomatic If you can get your hands on home antigen tests it's nice to be able to give yourself a test before you go out to any kind of large event Anytime you feel symptoms I will be good to take a rapid antigen test at home because the sooner you take yourself out of circulation the less cases that you'll potentially lead to because you won't put yourself in a position where you can transmit to people But those ideal situations are just impossible to do right now because of the backlog and tests and the unavailability of testing particularly here in the U.S..

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