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Again, I am your text of guy Jana and we are here, of course, with the president of the Maori language, United States of America. Mister Donald gloating J. Trump. He's got the post. I know I was actually farting right there but hello Tech stuff. Welcome back, how's everything going this week? Everything, good, a rare repeat for a tech stuff. Guy think people are often pleased with how I destroyed fauci last week but they said, okay, well have the tech stuff guy back. You didn't screw that one up. Yes, that was that was a really great episode. Last week was the president a lot of fun with you two going back and forth. It was, it was, it was, you know, I was let's be honest. And I almost felt bad for the guy beat up on him so badly. You did give him a rough time, but he also had he had some some quick comebacks. You don't think so? No, no, no. You know, you should probably watch it with that disrespectful town. I'm, there's no disrespect. I was just saying that. Okay. Well, you took the words of failure. In the words of failed actor, Bobby DeNiro. You disrespected a little bit. You see failed actor, puppy De Niro. Yes, as a total loser. There's a lot of stuff going on this week. Your boy, bb have you spoken to babydust baby. I've talked to him very strongly and I told him. Don't let the home. I was get you down. It's is your name is me. Excuse me. I said we have been very strong with the lgbtq community in our country. As you know Mike Pence was the first game as vice president in American history. So we have great respect for the lgbtq but when they're telling me that homos, a throwing rockets at Great Israel, very strong country. I said Even if they like it, you send those Rockets right up their ass. It's it's not it's not homos, it's Hamas. You know what? Do you say potato? I say homo, and if they want to pronounce it a different way. That's okay. We respect. Where respect the culture? You want me to say? Okay, Bahama sexuals will say Bahama sexual also a problem in Israel. Okay, we can say that, you know, we're not going to, I'm not going to let the left all of a sudden accused me of being anti-lgbtq because oh, you're not pronouncing it right sir. But Israel is another tough country but they're the fair and honest, you know, I don't like what I see, I don't like what I see coming from there. But you know what, you see, you see how that you know some of the guys they get very fit they get very strong and you don't want them just running into your country and beating up your your people. So when you have almost or is it pronounce Chamas trying to destroy a tough Nation, they gotta get tough right back. But it I'm not even to try to correct. You do you know the New York Times though was trying to make it appear that it's your own fault for the Hamas and Israeli violence. I have always spoken very strongly against violence, but sometimes you have to be tough and, you know, even bringing up the fake, New York Times the failing New York Times, is not something wage in this podcast o a n o a n on the other end says, we wouldn't even have this problem if.

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