Harry, Chelsea Manning, Congress discussed on AP 24 Hour News


The changes in effort to stop minors from getting hooked the higher age will also be an effect at Sam's Club warehouse stores last month. Walgreens said that it would increase the minimum age for tobacco sales from eighteen to twenty one. And even congress is considering making it national law. Law the community of Beverly Hills, California going even further just voting to ban almost all tobacco sales with few exceptions starting in twenty twenty one I'm Jacky Quin after years of disrupting the shaving industry with its innovative subscription plans. The upstart company Harry's is being absorbed by one of the major players under the one point three seven billion dollar agreement announced Thursday investors in Harry's Inc. Will take a stake of about eleven percent of edge. Well, personal care company, which manages Schick and other brands edge. Well, gets the Harry's brand and access to the company's prize direct to consumer marketing base. Harry's now steps up to the global stage. It'll be marketed through edge enormous distribution channels. Harry's founders Andy Katz Mayfield, and Jeff raider will become co presidents of edge wells US operations when the deal closes probably in early twenty twenty s China trade, I'm Tim Maguire than AP news minute US and Chinese negotiators resumed talks today. Just hours before tonight's midnight. Deadline before the United States was set to raise tariffs on Chinese imports in an escalation of tension between the two worlds biggest academies China has threatened to retaliate. If President Trump goes ahead with the increases adding to the heated rhetoric from both sides. It has shook shock markets stock markets around the world. President Trump was asked today if Robert Muller should testify to congress leave that up to the attorney general's to whether or not I think to me it looks like a review former army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning out of northern Virginia jail after two months for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks. She was released only because the grand juries term expired before she left manning received another subpoena demanding or testimony to new grand Jerry may sixteenth..

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