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Burke, Brooke And Heidi discussed on Make Speidi Famous Again


So Brooke. Burke has this workout at anti downloaded her workout doing that. He's like a ten day challenge. Simon dates three of it. And it's really hard should try like you feel it. And she's linked together meaning anytime soon. Now is the time to start a few months left so I'll come a month. Oh Heidi last. I saw you on the beach. She were like her banks organ you aren't. It's were urged worked at when we watch start at those snowed. It's going to be a wild episode. Yeah I mean I think the lessons is GonNa be similar. I think when people get back together like everybody's mental state is so fragile and I think people are GonNa snap quicker than they realize so. I think it's GonNa be pretty explosive when everybody gets back together. I mean you time. Someone's GonNa get mad at me. I'm just GONNA put my mask on and be like I'm not here just showed no emotion just the mass realized. Thank you so much for doing this. We love you for a few girls. Do I'm here. Let's do it. Okay all right bye..

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