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Washington - White House butler who served 11 presidents died of coronavirus


Wanted to mention so today passed away but a remarkable person you may have heard of Wilson German in the past he was a Butler at the White House who served eleven presidents history was sort of cold in the the movie the bottler with forest Whitaker in Oprah and not so many other big names pretty good movie from a few years back but this gentleman Wilson German started working in the White House as a cleaner in nineteen fifty seven under Dwight D. Eisenhower and then worked for John F. Kennedy was promoted to Butler under JFK but also worked for Lyndon Johnson Lyndon Johnson liked him so much that when Mister Germans wife was very ill he sent that President Johnson sent his personal positions to treat her to to take care of her and then the worked for president Nixon and president Ford and I mean the the the list goes on and on Jimmy Carter George W. bush said that he was a lovely man he was the first person that we saw in the in the white house every morning the last person we saw when we returned at night he worked for president Obama and of course took a great deal of pride in working for president Obama being African American himself that the there was an African American president but a a rather remarkable man who served as a cleaner A. and and elevator operator at the White House apparently they haven't put in the automatic elevators at the White House for at the time at least did not and then ultimately bottler which is you know I I guess quite a prestigious position there he died of coronavirus sadly age ninety is

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