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Tuesday, May 19th, 2020


Good Morning Sagittarius. Today is Tuesday. May Nineteenth Two thousand twenty the moon in Aries Squares Pluto Jupiter and Capricorn. This creates cosmic tension a day of astrological push and pull your inner and outer worlds may find themselves at odds this his Sagittarius today a cast original. Today's episode of Horoscope today is brought to you by Philadelphia cream cheese. You don't need a horoscope to tell you that Philadelphia cream cheese is the SCHMEAR. That's perfect for spreading your morning bake call made with only the freshest milk and cream Philadelphia has been doing this since eighteen seventy two Philadelphia schmear perfection. Let's begin your day. You're playful. Fifth houses alight making this a day of Creativity Conception Passion. Relish things that excite. You spend some time exploring the hobbies. You rarely make time for now. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships. You may gain a deeper understanding of what you want in a union or perhaps settle on a match. That suits you. This doesn't mean it smooth sailing ahead however it might take some time to iron out all creases. Consider the work you do and your career. Despite this need to indulge your amorous side responsibilities Lou large. You won't be able to shrug off work or outside commitments without ruffling feathers. It's not likely worth the risk Sagittarius. Today is a daily podcast. Follow on spotify to make it part of your morning routine if you're interested in learning more about your sign. Download sanctuary up from the Apple. App or Google play stores get your first reading today and follow sanctuary. Its sanctuary world on instagram. That's essay in C. T. U. A. R. Y..

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