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Mourning in America



Were resigned to their fate and their bit would say she was ready to meet the summons of her God the processing of mass death after this from WNYC in New York. This is on the media. I'm Bob Garfield Dime Brooke Gladstone. Today a thousand and another thousand and another thousand is arlene this morning with nearly every state in the nation relaxing at least some restrictions the US reaching a grim milestone one and a half million cases of covert with the death toll nearing ninety thousand the US death toll stands at eight thousand one hundred one the CDC projected today. It'll be at one hundred thousand by June first earlier this year we struggled to comprehend the ominous arithmetic pandemic. But we don't need projections for big numbers anymore. We have them so we compared old losses with new ones by the numbers each day. We're seeing a thousand two thousand people dying as we're having a new nine eleven. Every two days to seven forty sevens a day. Maybe three a day a passengers would be dying. That's that's what the coronavirus is doing. And I and I don't like it's the rough equivalent to thirty two hurricane. Maria 's forty-three Johnstown floods. Five hundred and sixty five. Oklahoma City bombings. Six hundred and fifty triangle shirk waste factory fires with at least thirty four more to come by month's end but even those scales are too abstract maybe to really take the measure of this pandemic. We simply have to count one by one Julia Rivera. So seventy three. Bronx me Gladys Hernandez's seventy-five Franc's York. Victor Holy Banham Sixty Bronx New York. Mary Elo eighty-six Manhattan Cerita Burr. Catch forty four on Wednesday. A group of people who've lost loved ones and faith leaders joined in twenty four hour online vigil called naming the lost though is Casey Sept- pointed out in the New Yorker last week reading all the names of all the Americans who we know have died would take at least three days. And that assumes there's a list and there isn't the city is a nonprofit new side covering New York City and it plans to build a list at least here in the epicenter. It aims to turn statistics into names and ultimately into an archive of obituaries for nearly every New Yorker killed by this disease because as the city and.

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