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Yeah, There was 65,000 people or I saw someone it took Kelly in Vegas actually made a post on Twitter. And, uh, it took her three hours to leave. The parking is not good around allegiance going to get worse. Did she throw out homophobic slurs to all those people that were that happened in 20? Okay, I was just check. She's going. Let's get back to the right. But anyways, Brian My biggest worry would be parking would be would be the congestion down there in the parking in the different locations, the one that makes the most sense to avoid. That would be the one in Henderson. But are tourists going to travel to Henderson or they're going to stay at the are they going to stay next to the M. They're gonna fly into Vegas scene actually, M and then watch the game. I think I think what's going to happen We're going to get. Let's say they play the Angels in a road trip in Las Vegas. Let's say they play the Mariners, the division game of the road trip in Las Vegas. You're going to have Thousands of thousands of fans from like a Seattle or or in Anaheim that will come to Las Vegas for that road trip, and then they'll experience the entire city. As long as we have a retractable roof, so We're talking about the possibility of the Oakland A's not only moving their franchise to Las Vegas, and they've met with officials again now for the third time in the last six weeks, So this is real. If you think it's leverage I want to hear from you. If you think there's no chance they're going to move here. But now taking this, even a step further is now we've heard rumblings of the possibility that while the stadium is being built, they moved the franchise here. Even though they're in a contract, they could get out of it. And they play their games at Las Vegas Ballpark. What are your thoughts on that? Do you welcome it or not? 2575396 Let's go to David. David is next on the Vegas take What's going on, guys. How you doing? What's up David about this? I think this would be really just a home run for Vegas. And at first, you said about playing that ballpark. It seems ridiculous. But you know, they're not drawing anybody over there in Oakland, And I think if I remember right the first year that the aviators played Summerland They were drawn more people for correct. You know You're right. Yeah. Beautiful nude. Yeah, you know 38,000 people so you can imagine a weekend with you know the Yankees or Red Sox or the Angels and the Dodgers coming in here. There won't be an empty seat in that place. Any time to play there. And then even if they get a bigger, you know, as long as they have the dome like JD mentioned like, I think it's a home run and economic impact for having that 152 games. A great writer David, It's a It's a lot of hotel David, May I ask you a lot of tickets sold? David May I ask, Have you been to the Las Vegas ball parka? What do you think of it to go? It's a great place, and obviously it's too small for long term for Major League baseball team, But I mean, if they had to play there for a year, two years, Hey, do you remember the story of when the Utah Jazz had issues in their arena and they had To play some NBA games at the Thomas and Mack Center. So anything's possible David, right, but they they would draw more like I said, You can imagine there won't be an empty. Imagine a Yankees playing there on the weekend or something. There won't be an empty heat over there ever and and and, and that caller that called in and talked about the There's there's massive crime in Chicago. But the baseball typically that the baseball fan is not that type of massive crime in Oakland. I mean, you don't you don't see shootings outside of Wrigley Field. You don't see shootings, despite the fact.

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