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Roof. How are you? I'm very well. How are you good? I went to the river cafe. I don't know fifteen twenty years ago and it took quite a while to there on the tube from downtown London but it was a marvellous location and a marvelous dinner. But you started really as a a sandwich place. I guess a commissary in your introduction to your new Book Thirty Years River Cafe. The quote is the River Cafe and his clientele are seriously diminishing the tone of area. What do you want to just explain what that meant? When we started the river cafe really it was a site of what used to be An oil refinery in London on the river with votes outside and at my husband who's architect was we were lived in Paris for five years when he was doing the Pompidou Centre. When we came back to London. We wanted to find a place that could be a community so that he could set up his architectural practice again. In place through there was a mix so it was a outside space as I said. We were on the river. They converted these warehouses into rather beautiful studios and offices are picture frames model makers dress designers and always. We always wanted to have a place where people could eat and I was working as a graphic designer. And Ed Always Cook but when the applications came in we thought you know what why are worse than not having a restaurant would be not to have a very good one and I just said I think I'll do it and I'll do with rose gray. Who's an old friend and had also come back from New York? I'm wanting to do something. So the two of US came and looked at the the site and it was tiny. It was enough. Maybe a bar tiny little kitchen and six tables. But the real restriction was that we're only allowed to be open for lunchtime because the neighbors who actually had oil warehouses here up in arms about the idea of a small restaurant so the planners that said we could be open Monday to Friday. We could only be open for lunch and only open to the people who worked and these warehouses. So that's where the sandwich bar. That's where the inexpensive very tiny little place started. But I think Rosen. I always had the ambition to be an Italian restaurant to be a proper restaurant. We just had to do it gradually. Here's a question. Sometimes you just leave something allowed like in your book very often. You don't add a lot of strong. Flavors is something that has a wonderful flavor to begin with you have a Dover Sole Rescue Capers in Marjoram Dover sole is often serve which brown butter and butter something very simple olive oil but capers in March. Very strong flavors is that how do you know as a cook when you? WanNa add strong flavors to something and other times? You don't is that something just whimsical. Or I think it depends. Well first of all depends on your mood. Sometimes I come into the river cafe because you know we changed the menu twice a day and if I have Dover sell on the menu I bite think well what am I going to put with the Dover so I might just put lentils with it today and therefore might like something interesting on the top like capers. I think as a cook the first thing I think about when I write the menu is what what do I feel like eating today. What would I want to eat? And that's one of the joys of working in the river cafe or I think I hope coming here so I think as you know the same thing we say. If you're cooking at home what what do you feel like eating and also not go shopping with a recipe in your head but go to the market. Go to the supermarket go to shop. See what's there and then you know the home and cook you know. A lot of chefs. Do a lot of different things. Jose entrees has twenty three restaurants Jeremiah Tower obviously you know moved around started things enclosed things. You've been doing this thirty years or so. Alice waters has been doing her GIG for forty years. Do you have a feeling about people like yourself who stick with it who start something and just keep getting better at it forces people who move around. Did you think one is better than the other widely? You love for thirty years doing this one thing. It obviously still excites you. By the way you're you're talking about your restaurant that's a good question. I think that it depends for me. It's about ambition and control. You know so I really. I've been asked to other restaurants. I've looked at other sites. We came very close to doing another restaurant. A couple of years ago and Mayfair and I'm always thinking about how to grow how to how to be better and sometimes I think that for me. It's about being better where we are. It's about everyday come in with a set of problems or or thinking about what to cook how to make the restaurant. Beautiful and how to make the waiters more knowledgeable in how to work with the chefs. Who want to learn more about ingredients in how to make our pastry kitchen know. There's so many so many things to do in the restaurant here that would it be possible to do it and have more. Some people really can do it for me. It would be really just so important to know that I if I did another restaurant that it would be as good as this one and this one. Wouldn't you know get less good because I was distracted by another one so I never thought of it as sticking with it because for me I have the best job in the world and I come in and I work with brilliant people and it's exciting

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