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Sleep with duct tape over my asshole. I'll eat the food. I cook poorly, where I messed this up as opposed to dump it. Oh, it's still edible, not throwing it out. The only time with our show where I threw stuff that was like when we ate Nado just because like I can't eat that again. It's Japanese soybean. Oh, it's like, is that like stinky tofu equivalent issue because ferments warm ferments for like a day with a spore and it's so then what wanna king's Hawaiian tied to the lion. But yeah, I like head to through that like I don't enjoy it, but I'll eat more of the Nottage eat. I don't wanna see stuff go to ways. I'll, yeah, I'm the same. We're all adults. Yeah. So excited by a thirty percent off sticker on chicken way more than I should like that level of enthusiasm. I don't have so many other aspects of my life. She I'm a little bit boozier now. I guess I'm a little probably a little older than you guys. And now me and my wife actually make pretty good money and we don't have kids. So I'm sort of like my thing is like, let me go to like the grove farmers market me guys, and I'm like, I'm not even looking at the price. I'm just looking at like, ooh, apple would cherry wood smoke. Bake him try that. Yeah, and I'm just like, I, that shit appeals to me and I always like my dad do stuff like that growing up, even though we were poor, he would still be like, I got twelve frozen Schakowsky. There's like this burger place that he loved, and he's like in the freezer. Let me know if you wanna burgers one night, and I'm like, that's so fucking weird that now I'm that guy. Totally. I like my thing is I like having a guy like I just got on a first name basis. With the dude at my Ralph's the guy like we've known each other, he knows them up. Names are Mondo. Okay. And he's read and I'm like yet dude now, like I walk up and his like, oh, what are you making barbecue today? What do you make it? And I'm like, yes. What's up. All the coal cut guys at the Brooklyn foods. Because they were all I was coca, get sandwiches made there all the time. But specifically they're all like New York, Yankee, giant Guindos like my son. So I walk into walking guy, fuck interception. Let me get this. Those were, might people see them on the street and they would like give me my neighbors would be like, who is that? The daily guy, we got communities talking about. I'm into it. Bastard, holy shit, guys. This is fantastic. Now this this pork on the bucket kings dipped in the sauce. You know you're in the you're on the right way. Scared. I think this sauce is David is I think that's the one I like more. That's okay. I mean, you're wrong, but that's. Can I ask you this? Where do you stand on grape? Jelly. Do you hate it? I love it. I like grape jelly. I don't shoot a reasonable. I don't eat it like often. But if you give me peanut butter and jelly, I love him toast and jelly. You know where jellies closet. Amazing on a bacon egg and cheese. What trust me I'm in and I don't know if I'm being casually racist. When I say this, I was when I was on when I was on wild and out a lot of the black dudes eight, they're big in New York City, bacon egg and cheese, or such a big thing. And usually SBK salt pepper ketchup. But a couple of the black dudes we're eating. I mean, couple everyone on the show is black except me. But a couple of the other guys were eating the baggage with grape jelly. And I was like, that sounds crazy. And then I think it was my friend, Kelly who was like a hair and makeup person was like, well, catch-up is tomato. Jelly and I'm like, oh my God. Yeah, it is. It's just sweet. And so then I try to bacon egg cheese, like one smear of grape jelly and who holy sounds good. Yeah, it's I didn't think it would work..

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