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This is Eric Lewis, and I am here with Scotland you and rob Farley, and we are talking about the National Football League. In particular, the NFL Draft, we're presently at time of recording about midway through the second round, and so the Seahawks have already annoyed us. Which is not surprising. So rob Scott, how you all doing? They're doing great. Yeah, rob, what is your beverage of choice today? So I have a L hemorrhoid tequila reposado with fresca. That's very Mexican except that the only thing that would have that fit better in Mexico, which is the true drink of Mexico is not the margarita. It is the tequila with squirt. Oh, yes, yes. Well, squirt and fresco are basically the same drink. Yeah. It's kind of strange because I feel like squirt is a kind of a soda that is completely dropped out of the consciousness of the United States. I guess it's still made, but oh yeah, no, you can still get squirt. Because last time you were down the street was like, that's a man drinking a squirt. It's not something you see very often. So it's like seeing somebody drinking on RC. So yes, in Mexico, that is the thing. So I am drinking here a trillion double dry hot stillings street IPA, which in my view is probably the best brewery in the great state of Massachusetts. So it is very tasty. What about you, doctor loi miu, I know it's a little early on your time, but it is a Friday. Yeah, unfortunately, I do. I've got a goddamn faculty data form that I've got to have done by Monday. So this is from Atlanta, Georgia, a cork zero. The finest of Georgia. Well, anyway, so we again, we were about halfway through the second round here. And you know, I guess that looking at the giraffe so far..

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