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Year dari but then they lose the south carolina out of the gate and charlotte's okay well maybe overrated them maybe they're not as good but then you watch jaylen samuels who is one of the most personal dynamic players and all of college football and you watch bradley chubb coming back for the final year getting off the edge the after the quarterback number nine who's not necessarily of goes morial williams was close enough to be a top 10 pick in the first round come late april so they got some studs on both sides of the ball and it quarterback that was at boise state now he's making the things making things happen for this offense that's a game where clumps of ansi state coming up and it's not that far off dr at games coming up november fourth at nc state yep that's the one the circle that's one of the games of the year you know who they play after that they play but right before that notre dame and that's a big game in that's another our team i think is interesting that we can get into them to nobody's talking about notredame and i don't remember the last time that was ever uttered nobody's talking about put their schedule listen to this schedule they don't play this week but they go usc nc state wake forest at miami navy who hasn't lost you and then at stanford in egil that's a nasty schedule and their only loss was the one point loss at home to georgia okay so what happened last night implications who does it help in college football doriane mel espn rate and we're back in studio with oregon's mascot the duck so what was it like a store in this season's nissan hodgman house mm and how is it to work alongside current nfl star in oregon heisman winter marcus maria what's the deal with his guys usually pretty animated we'll be right back with more from oregon's the duck visit nissan heisman house not compromise or in while you're there vote for this year's eisen winner and now a page from the diary of law deemed irony i got the brushoff again i don't get it is there's something wrong with the way i leave elbow wrists elbow wrist i won't that little bassett hounded now it's.

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