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I got a damn good show for you today i'll tell you what man you guys know of lets me talk on his podcast i'm real picky about what i watch on tv it's hard to find anything that i like but one of the things that i did like was that old rock and roll show that heavy metal show called that metal show hosted by eddie trunk jim florentine and my guest today don jamieson i was mellon round near the dan i got a text message from a booking agent and i guess same person at books jim florentine helps don jamieson out with his bookings and i got a text messages at hey don's coming out he'd like to promote his new cd don jamieson communication breakdown which is available on i tunes is easiest way to download it with everybody here being in a smartphone technology days i just bought it myself on itunes i don't have a cd player anymore but i'm looking forward to listen to this thing when i buy it for nine ninety nine and i was watching some of don stuff on youtube last night man i do funny as hell big background with metal music and man we're going to sit here and we'll talk about metal we're gonna talk about standup we're going to talk a little bit about wrestling some of the similarities go into boat businesses and just his take on things and i was a breath of fresh air and have a guy like him come in here and shoot the breeze and talk a little bit about sports now kinds of and we basically talk about everything under the sun so.

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