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Solemnly swear my Jenny Yellen do solemnly School Janet Yellen sworn in today by the first woman to be Vice president, Kamila Harris regulations, Madam Secretary. Thats the day after the former Fed chief easily won Senate approval, new Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer vowing to press on with more covert relief, even if a bipartisan deal can't be reached endemic doesn't particularly care. There's been a change in the administration. The needs of our country are still great, and the urgency to act is clearer than ever. President Biden has signaled he is open to changing parts of his proposed package. But some Republicans aren't happy about the cost. Nearly $2 trillion Democrats could use a budget tool that requires only a simple majority. Britain just becoming the fifth country to pass 100,000 covert Jeffs. First in Europe to hit that milestone. US. Deaths just topped 422,000 America is listening to proxies. News radio K L D. J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by Jake on roofing covert positivity rate in Travis County, finally heading in the right direction on a consistent basis. That's according to health authority, Mark Escada says that metric has been going down for a few weeks. We're showing a 12.6% positivity. So I dropped from 14% a week before, he says The Rolling 70 average of new confirmed cases is also steadily falling now averaging 577, and he believes that by the middle of next month, the Rolling 70 average of hospitalizations will have fallen below 60. Various health care partners, more more Teachers and staff and the Austin school district or getting vaccinated. Chief Human resource is, Officer Leslie Stevens says approximately 1500 employees have gotten at least the first dose. We're currently working with Austin Public Health. And just provided them a list of approximately 2000 employees that all qualify either as one A or one. Beat. Superintendent Stephanie Ella's All Day says the number of vaccinated employees is likely higher because some have been able to access a dose through a private physician. City related bill filing in the state legislature is grown by 182% in the past decade. Austin's Intergovernmental Relations director, Bree Franko says several bills have already been filed this session impacting Austin, including police reform and covert preemptions. Preemption has to do with both the governor's authority and even mayors and county judges. Authorities. We have seen some bills filed that wouldn't admit that have also been filed to deregulate Austin energy and water.

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