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Support states doing mass vaccination efforts if they wish to do so. Doctor Robert enters the ST Joseph County health officer says he started vaccinating elderly Hoosiers. But we only receive 1600 doses. And we know, for example, that there are probably 6000 to 8000 individuals who might in fact, want the vaccine so far around 130,000 Hoosiers have been vaccinated across the state. Surgeon general, Dr Jerome Adams, Your former state health commissioner, says the pace is about to pick up. We're number one not gonna hold back that second dose anymore because now we have enough in reserve that we can just start pushing those doses out there. Adam's got his second dose of the Madonna vaccine this morning, he says the federal government now has enough vaccine in reserve that they can release a lot more of it to the states. If you're planning to come on down to in downtown Indianapolis for any events that are going to be happening in 2021, the police department says, you'll be okay. Chris Davis reports, not a guarantee, but Indianapolis Metro Police deputy chief Josh Barker says they've done a lot to clean it up. Over the past few months. The overall violent crime in downtown Indianapolis represents Western 5%. Of the of the violent crime. We experienced a city in the whole, he says. New Tech, including a system of cameras may help cut down on the crime even further so that people going to Pacers games or if fans are allowed at the NC double the tournament will be able to see that India is a great host city. Chris Davis 93. W I. B. C Mobile New Coming up. Another man responsible for the death of a sheriff's deputy has been sentenced that story and more Next on 93. W Why. Bc Tony Cats today President Trump, according to sources, taking some blame for what happened at the Capitol, noon to three PM Tony catch today and 93 wi be safe. The FBI says all 50 state Capitol buildings, including the Indiana Statehouse. Could be targets of armed protesters. The FBI warns that armed protest could begin this coming Saturday and run through next week's inauguration of President elect Joe Biden. The push to impeach President Trump is in full swing on Capitol Hill boxes. Rachel Sutherland's minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, says President Trump accept some responsibility for the capital riot. But McCarthy says he doesn't believe impeachment is the right move, saying it will only further divide the country. The House is expected to take up one article inciting an insurrection with a vote plan tomorrow evening. Lawmakers are sure to keep an eye on President Trump's Day as he heads to the Texas border town of Alamo, where he will give US first public appearance nearly a week after the riot that left five people dead. Rachel Sutherland. Fox is a stay of execution Granted for Lisa Montgomery. She's on death row at the federal pen in Terra Haute for killing a pregnant woman in 2004 judge saying another look needs to be taken at her mental competency. A man who played a role in the murder of a Boone County sheriff's deputy Jacob Pickett has been sentenced to 40 years, Rob connote reports Baldwin Jr agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to deal meth and resisting law enforcement. And as part of that deal, the murder charge was dropped. Baldwin will spend 35 years in prison and five years of probation. He was the driver of the car that led police on a chase in 2018, the other man in the car. Anthony Bomb guard was sentenced to life in prison for shooting and killing picket Rob content. 93. W I. B C Mobile news Indianapolis Colts o lineman Anthony Castonzo says he's retiring. He had been with the colt since he was drafted in 2011 and had been dealing with injuries. In the last year. Alabama defeated Ohio State in the college Football playoff National championship in Miami last night 52 to 24. It's the seventh national championship for head coach. Nick Saban. The big game is an Indies hands Now. We're so excited to be hosting the game here at Lucas Oil Stadium in just 363 days. Indianapolis host committee chairman Mark Howell, he says the prep work starts now for all scenarios for when the big game comes to India and assuming We're back to a normal public health environment. We will expect more than 100,000 fans to flood downtown Indy for this four day football celebration, he says to expect free concerts, a championship campus of fan fest and much more. What does in autonomous Indy car look like? Well, like any other IndyCar, really, except it doesn't have a cockpit. Dolora and the in the autonomous challenge unveiled the car on Monday, with which several colleges and universities will be competing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Teams represent top engineering Programs from 14, U. S States and 11 countries. Paul Mitchell, the CEO of Energy Systems Network, The teams.

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