Leave These Words Out Of Your Prospecting Messages - Liz Wendling



Are you using filler? Words crutch phrases and lazy language in your email communication. The most common an outdated mail opening lines that irritate and aggravate and come across. Oso cheesy and phony sound like this. The following examples used to be friendly pleasantries back in the day. Now they have become useless phrase grenades that add value and also keep in mind. Many spam messages start out with this inauthentic and impersonal approach. And here's what they sound like. Hope you doing great. Hope he had a great weekend. I trust this email finds you well. I hope you're having a productive day. Hope all is going. Well really do you. I if you don't know me at all and you start interacting with me that way. It comes across phony and completely insincere. I don't care if you know me even just a little bit. Those are what I call throwaway phrases that everyone else is using and they add no value. Now I know you're trying to be nice and you want to start your messages attempting to make a connection with someone. But why a why would you want to sound like you've got stuck in the nineteen nineties and use the sales language that millions of other people are using? Your first sentence needs to assist the recipient around the intention of your email. This allows people to decide if your message needs to be addressed immediately filed away as informational or can be handled later or sent right to the junk folder don't waste precious seconds being inauthentic with fluff and crutch words and get to the point because remember spam messages. Start out with this inauthentic approach. Every time I teach this concept to someone he will always push back and say well. Why can't I be nice? Why can I say something? That's not all about business and I tell them that not suggesting that they don't be kind. I'm not suggesting that they don't be a human but I teach them to write their email. Backwards put these pleasantries at the end. If

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