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You're listening to on air with Doug Janik toria hi let's get back at it here are over you that tries to jog his magazines the week of may eighteenth through the twenty second at number eight the relationship changes that are obvious by as the families getting into close the close confines I was talking to my daughter last night and her son on facetime which I do frequently he's going off the wall well some of these incentives just bounce and they go outside they play they put on a mask and they go on the drive when they go up and down the street and got a little tip this may be a little inside baseball yes some of the the recreation areas are are starting to open up you should tell Meghan because I guess you stick it in there before they should go to discuss our gardens it's open it it'll give him a lot of place to run around and okay you have to wear a mask though okay yep hi this is K. all right but what about relationship that the two of you your relationships with the men in your life has been enhances it stayed the same what sort of changes have you noticed and what have you noticed in your friends everybody holding on or is there some are there cracks here and there I feel like that I know is doing fine actually I think man yeah I have you know one friend who's had some complications but part is a general yeah for the part I think I think everyone's okay my one friend has a has it has a husband who is very AT T. he tell you that so I'm not talking out of school and she is a school teacher and she's got three kids so she's been trying to manage him because he's home and teaching her school her kids she teaches J. junior high middle school and and managing her three children so she's probably the one maybe the most from but otherwise I think everybody's doing okay for for us that means we don't have kids because everyone I got it home it's not you know it's a lot of pressure I can see miles bouncing off the walls in last couple of nights of our conversations yeah bouncing number seven this week let's throw this to you Victoria the technology changes that are taking place you have you follow this every week the top five items from the world of technologies they implies they it as they help us all live a better life supposedly so what's new with this being developed because of the of the virus well I think the biggest thing that everyone is seen is a good for most people working from home is that it you know zoom is is something that can be businesses can survive with people working from home and I think that's the largest lesson that we've learned from this so many businesses who thought that everyone needed to be physically in the building there are realizing they don't need to maybe have four floors of you know of an office building anymore maybe they could have won Florida people who can go in on chefs because everyone's working from home and it's working so I think that's the biggest technology news that we've had throughout the whole code that I know of is some businesses yes definitely working I know others as it is hurting the business because they can't work together and it's important for their particular business to work together but yeah thank you certainly I'm glad I don't know enough is building up to yeah that would have been down the major highways there for rent for a lease for sale all over the place and it's directly related to the virus I've next Mike Pompeii gets investigated number six on the story list twenty.

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