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What did they start owing six or one in five or whatever it was it was brutal. Yes i remember making a comment that i'm seeing enough even they're not winning games and they're not in the moral victories in lincoln but i was seeing enough from adrian martinez and the team and i thought the way scott frost lead them through that adversity. I just his facial expressions in his comments. After games. I was like man they are so close oh s- last year i remember making a comment. They're going to win their last six. They're going to end up six and six. They're gonna go to a bowl and go back and look at the way they finished man. They had some opportunities -tunities to win those last six so i think despite a very bad record a year ago internally. I think there's a ton of belief in kind of direction direction they're going. They got a great quarterback. Who's only going to get better <hes>. He's got some skill around him. Spillman shades film. It's one of the better receivers in the big ten he'll. He'll have a monster year this year. I just don't know if they're there defensively for the weekend week week out grind that it takes to be able to avoid a hiccup or you too. I think it was kansin another team that feels somewhat forgotten because of the way their season went last year. This big ten west by the way is used to just be you know wisconsin and everybody else and man. He's last couple of years. Think about the hires that this division has made p._j. Flick now minnesota and they're starting to show some life. We just talked about scott frost pat fitzgerald. He's been there for every does an amazing job with tat brand jeff prom now west lafayette purdue of course paul chryst wisconsin and and lovey smith trying to get better in champaign but top to bottom autumn.

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