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Taking when you're older. That's when you have that big risk of a heart attack, and you're showing older people. Take a multivitamin absolutely reduces the risk of a heart attack. Saudi original physicians health study has been going on for about. I don't know twenty four years now. And they found that these are older medical doctors. These are all men who are medical doctors thousands of them. And they found that these older medical doctors who took a multivitamin. So if you're a medical doctor, and you're listening now get on a multivitamin a forty four percent lower risk of a heart attack or stroke, a forty four percent lower risk of a heart attack or stroke. Not a physician's health study to was started later on. So we only have about twelve years of data from a physician's health study too. But that's another big study with all medical doctors from the United States, all men all medical doctors, all the United States thousands and thousands of them. And they found that men would heart disease. Okay. Hoarded people most likely to have a heart attack guys with clogged arteries and their heart. Like the widow make room in the left lower chamber at heart. The person most likely to have a heart attack is an older man with heart disease. So these are medical doctors and medical doctors just like everyone else are prone to heart attacks. And they found that older medical doctors that simply took a multivitamin if they had clogged arteries in their heart. A forty four percent lower risk of dying from a heart attack a forty four percent lower risk of dying from heart attack. It was also protecting them from cataract. And from cancer, but did not protect them from prostate cancer. And we'll go into that in a minute because my multivitamin probably will protect a man from prostate cancer because we add lycopene, but we'll go into that in a minute. If you took out prostate cancer. A multivitamin was lowering the risk of all the other cancers. Like fifteen percent. That would mean about two hundred thousand fewer people each year would be diagnosed with cancer if every older person took a quality multivitamin. So what about prostate cancer, the older doctors who took up multivitamin? It didn't protect them from prostate cancer. While ours is many levels above for prostate protection. Because we have the Toko trion version of vitamin E. That's been shown to help protect breast tissue and women and prostate tissue and men we have the selenium that's more active and protective than other selenium. They use another little one at a multi, and we have natural lycopene you'd need about five or six ounces of tomato sauce every single day. They get this much lycopene and lycopene has been shown to protect women's skin and women's breasts like a peanut has been shown to protect men's hearts from heart attacks and men's prostates from swelling and from prostate cancer. It's tomato stuff. So I invite core multi Sean special it just got better. We have the activated form of folic acid, the methyl Tetra hydrophobic acid and the best form to one that's called quadraphonic. And we have the activated b twelve domestic Obama. I'll read you a couple of letters. Here's Elke she lives in Rockville centre. What a great town for restaurants. Rockville centre, your invite multi it improves my energy. I've been giving this multi to my husband, my three sons and my daughter. I can't reverse. Oh, they can't be without it. Okay. There you go. Here's Marian east meadow. I've been using the N Vicor multi. It makes me feel fantastic. Whatever is in it made my cramps in my legs go away. Am I love it? I even have my doctor using it while there you go. Here's Karen and garden city park. I used to live in Gordon show, you what a great town, I stopped taking your vitamin, and I went on herbal life, the herbal life program my energy on my overall feeling of well-being really went down. Okay. So she went she switched from the end Vicor multi to the herbal life program her feeling of well being on her energy really went down. I don't know how long it took. She didn't say. I felt wonderful alert an energized on your vitamin and thought why not try some body else's no way? Thanks. I'm back on your product. Karen? Here's David I've been using your invite core multi since two thousand and one I feel way better and my stress level is way down stresses. What prompted me to try to invite multiunit first place so many years ago. Thank you. Jane in east Rockaway. This is the only multivitamin I have ever taken where I've felt the results. These results are energy, stronger, nails, and better immunity. It's very very high quality. That's extremely high quality having an in Baldwin. I was able to do household chores and other physically demanding tasks much more easily after only two days of being on your invite multi. I really felt an increase in my energy level immediately. And that's what people say. If you want a multi that's going to help protect a man's prostate and a woman's brush, that's the lycopene. On your skin. That's like a pain. If you want a multi touch going to protect the brain better. That's the Toko. Trion also mixed roles. The Astros Xanten below team the activated folic acid the activated b twelve month ago. Ballot. If you want a multivitamin that's going to be a step above and lowering the risk of cancer. That's the Tokyo trials the Astros. Anton, the lycopene the mythical alleman. And the activated folic acid the methyl tetrahedral folic acid this is to supplement..

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