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A movement to cut him battled president Medeiros international cashflow CBS's. Pam Falk has more on that. President did meet. In a three way meeting with Colombian president, Yvonne Duquet and with one Guido the opposition leader that the United States recognize this is the interim president what vice president Pence told Guido was a very clear message from President Trump that the United States backed one guy a one hundred percent, and that there would be some clear actions to back that up. Now, what those are are still to be determined. But they were meeting with the Lima group a coalition of more than twelve or so countries that are organized to address the crisis in Venezuela. They pre existed, but they were meeting together because the only countries in Latin America that are supporting the Madero government right now our Cuban Venezuela. Most of the rest of Latin America is supporting a transition and violence continues along the Colombia Venezuela border. As well where protesters have been clashing with Venezuelan troops were trying to stop US-backed humanitarian aid from crossing over very violent because so much aid has arrived from the United States and the Madero government. The government of President Nicolas Maduro is not allowing it in. Now. The government says that the aid from other countries like Russia and the aid from the United Nations is getting in. But they don't trust the aid from the United States. Now. This is coming at a time. When people are just unable to buy anything and kids are eating garbage. So there's a desperation in Venezuela for aid. And this is really pushing the violence to its maximum for the weekend. Forces loyal to nNcholas Maduro fired tear-gas buckshot on activists accompanying those supplies and setting the material on fire. Four people have been reported killed in the violence there at least three hundred. Have been wounded a former work around president Donald Trump's 2016 campaign is suing him over an unwanted kiss. Salva Johnson contends the president abruptly grabbed her by the hand wouldn't let go and kissed around the corner of the mouth is she turns slightly away during a volunteer meeting with staff and volunteers. In florida. She seeks unspecified damages and an order preventing the president from grabbing kissing or otherwise assaulting or harassing women without prior express consent. A resolution to terminate the national emergency declaration at the border is scheduled the head to the house rules committee today. Cbs's Cami McCormick tells us a group of former national security officials are preparing to be in support of that resolution. This statement contains the names of prominent former officials like secretary of State Madeleine Albright at John Kerry and former defense secretaries Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel. It says there is no factual basis for a national emergency declaration it argues border crossings are at a nearly forty year low, and there is no terrorist emergency at the border. If that resolution does pass in congress, President Trump has promised a veto at one. Oh, eight time to get a check on Wall Street numbers. Joan Doniger is at Bloomberg has a look and Joan well, then in on Wall Street, we see a relief rally after President Trump said he would push back the deadline for a trade deal with China. The Dow is up. One hundred forty five points. The NASDAQ forty the SNP eleven investors are seeing light ahead for GE as well. It shares are up around nine percent. The conglomerate will be selling its biopharmaceutical business to Danaher for nearly twenty one and a half billion dollars. Now, the new CEO at GE used to run Danaher and five G is coming to four American cities in may courtesy of sprint. But Boston is not one of them. Spring could be the first carrier out of the gate with this. I'm Joan Doniger, Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio coming up at arrest warrant against Robert Kraft could happen as early as today. Are you one hundred percent comfortable with one hundred percent of your portfolio? Hello, I'm Paul. Well. I'm Larry wells principles at the ninety three financial group and host of family financial focus heard here on WBZ.

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