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25 of the 26 cities and counties that receive the $1 million from Zuckerberg center for technology and civic life were one by Biden in 2020. The ten largest center for technology civic life grants in Georgia are the following Fulton Cobb gwinnett da cab. Clayton Douglas Cherokee won by Trump, Henry N muskeg. By mispronouncing of them, I'm sorry. I don't live in Georgia. The 9 out of ten of the biggest counties received massive money from Zuckerberg in fact Fulton county and Cobb county and gwinnett county received a combined $15 million. From the Zuckerberg center for technology and civic life for the actual administration of election. I know a lot of you are saying how on earth is this possibly legal, while the attorney general of Georgia didn't think to do anything about this? The Secretary of State Brad raffensperger was perfectly fine with this. Governor Brian Kemp signed a consent degree of Stacey Abrams that allowed the downfall of Georgia to occur. The federalists continues by saying the center for technology and civic life demanded the promotion of universal mail in voting through suspending election laws, extending deadlines that favored mail in over in person voting. I just want to reemphasize this. You have a private company or corporation or nonprofit funded with $420 million that comes in and demands the suspension of the law. Where the state legislatures this was in my opinion, one of the sneakiest, Treacher at most treacherous and deceitful actions but honestly, the state legislatures in Georgia, they did not meet in the summer of 2020 best of my knowledge about election integrity at all. The summer leading up to the election they should had a special session in July, they should have said hold on a second, we need to have a pregame meeting here. We gotta have a huddle. And this goes to show how weak incompetent and spineless the Republican Party is.

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