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No, not at all. I knew that was coming. They always do that. You know, I get it. They don't want people people coming out and saying that You know, in public trying to get one of their one of their people fired and then that type of thing so Matter fact the amount didn't even surprise me either. I mean, so I absolutely knew that and players would be fine more, but it's negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement like $5000 was was the you know they couldn't find Wilson a million dollars. Or half a salary or anything like that. I mean, the punishment finds are ridiculous, ridiculously low for what is allowed as far as how how much a player can be fine. But that is all collective. But bargaining for by the players I did. I did see a very strong opinion from you about the other news about discipline for the Rangers, and that was Bush. Nah, Bitch. Getting one game for that high. Stick on, man tha last night. Um and you, you well, you laid out what? What were your thoughts on on that? Exactly? It's just got nothing more gutless decisions by the NHL. I mean, I don't care what one doesn't lead to the other. It's like well, the Rangers had to take care of themselves because the NHL din step in that matters. Not at all as far as this particular incident goes. And Matthew was trying to handle it The way you're supposed to handle the incident he already got slashed by Butch Novich. And he was trying to get into a fight and he was doing it the way most guys do it. He's tapping him on the back saying Okay, let's go. He we want me. I'm here. Let's go. Hey, doesn't jump him. He doesn't sucker. Punch him. He doesn't do anything. Which now average just turns his back. Samantha gives up starts get back in the play. Here comes the whistle. They face each other and Matt that was going to go over and hey, do you want to go challenge him again, and he gets cross checked in the face. And and Bush in average runs after he does that. So first of all, it's a gutless play to do that and then run and second of all the NHL. How do you How do you do You just give a one game suspension for that. It's It's just blows my mind and I know why they're doing it. When Brendan Shanahan was panning out suspensions, they were starting to get longer. And star players were starting to get suspended. And the NHL's like the owners, like Wait a minute. No, You're not going to suspend convict David for 10 games and take him out of our line up for 10 games. No Stop it! Stop suspending people like that. If economist David breaks his stick over somebody's had smashes his helmet 50 pieces, give him a three game suspension and let's be done with it. You know, and that's what the owners want, and that's why we're here. It's not. It's not Paris his fault. He's doing what he's told by the owners who run this league. Yes, I don't disagree. It's what they want. It's absolutely what that's. That's why I find the debate that you hear. Sometimes over one game versus two is just a total waste of time because the premise has to be that you actually want to eradicate the behavior. And they don't. So why are we bothering with one game versus to like, What's the difference? Well, they would like to eradicate the behavior. They would prefer that Butch Nevins doesn't cross check Man thin face. But they're not willing to give him the proper suspension because they don't want him out of the lineup because whether it's him or economist David or Jack Eichel or whoever we're talking about here. If it's a star player, it's going to cost that owner money because that players not in the lineup. I also think the optics of all of this, Paul like Wilson, where did we start? Right? Wilson does what he does on Monday night. He doesn't get suspended. Then we get last night. You know what show and you know Bush? Nah. Bitch him cross checking..

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