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Four four six 48 24 is have detroiters gotten soft when it comes to driving the snow steve what do you say but he tried earth art hop ido mole of iit's happy you you heard the akosombo or in our forego winter barricades have alphabet in october poland filled praying let's say i've got taken that for medicine in all five by the way up to 75 right now going down about ten miles an hour those big man speed it up to seventy five all of the upper peninsula uruguay they're not elation card i see how this will never be will learn bird you guys dr reindeer okay you heard me mad dog daily johnny the reindeer workman they get it done traffic bulletin beware of steve on seventy five years only going to miles an hour that is all have to handle the wheel right yeah knuckling down take it james good afternoon you're on news talk seven certainly wjr what he thinks are we getting soft absurd at withdrew foty it was good right oh yeah well it's no secret that people don't know how to drive it's been one of my pit peace forever being an automotive enthusiasts remote that a carmechanic forever but of it quite frankly is the manufacturers fault they put tires on these vehicles that day it's a joke to call them all season tires these low profile white gyor's there's still gripping the snow yeah you know it's funny because i got i ended up getting new tires a couple of years ago and they they offer me wasn't winter tyres but it was something that was a little more to breath you'll build a radio just three seasons i guess judges threec wow but it included winter and um man would have different sat made i mean you wanna talk about it i don't know if this is a word or not but grip shen it was there got me some grip shell the traction i believe i like grip should bow the rosy jones pretty good we have blamed the thai copyrighted yet fire already done does dry i'm on top and blamed the tie us or they don't blame nick eight the driver the truck dortha trunks voted drug little big travel to sprint ali setting the bar shrunk it is that it is.

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