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This and this. Time for July highlights. Here's Matt Bali. Brewers fall to the pirates three too, but they would strike first in the bottom of the first inning. Yes. Monte GRANDE all lead the inning off with a walk next to batters would be retired, but then Lorenzo Cain would double that would put runners on its second. And third brings up Eric themes. But before he really gets chance to do anything, they get a gift from pitcher, Chris Archer. The. A while. Char, Chris Archer? And they're still not done next hitter after that, or excess technically the hitter who's at the plate at the moment. It is there things. Archer ready? Peres lame. Sunjwan. In the. In the second day standing. It is. The by which would get one of those runs back in the third, you'll leave seen throws a couple scoreless innings, but then he faces Kevin Newman with one out in the third three on the left side of the infield for Newman the pitch from just seen writ to left backing up gamble on the warning track. It it's gone. Kevin Newman is fifth home run of the season, just like that. It's one brewers. Leave. Brian Reynolds.

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