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It's all things considered from NPR News. I'm Audie Cornish and on Mary Louise Kelly. Coming up dance diva Kylie Minogue gets back to her roots on her new album, Disco. Disco lights shine out of the darkness, and that's kind of what we're going through the minutes so finding some kind of bridge and the latest on the election after these headlines. Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbs. There's no winner yet in the presidential election as votes continue to be counted in several key states in Pennsylvania, an appellate court judge dismissed a request from Republicans to stop the state or counties from counting provisional ballots that were cast by voters whose mail in ballots were disqualified by a technicality. And Georgia officials say the vote there is still too close to call. NPR Sam Green Glass has more election workers are still tabulating mail ballots in a handful of key states. As was expected. It's taking time to finish counting mail ballots legally submitted by Election Day. Biden is ahead in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. Georgia remains very tight, active military and overseas ballots. Khun still be received today. So the state of the race there could change. Biden's expanding his lead in Pennsylvania as mail ballots continue to be counted should buy, then win the Keystone State. He will pass the 270 electoral vote threshold required to win the presidency. The Trump campaign, meanwhile, says it will press on with legal challenges and said quote the election is not over. Leiden has urged patience as the rest of the votes are counted. Sam Greenglass NPR NEWS Washington As now Tropical depression addict continues to drop heavy rain and cause life threatening flooding over portions of Central America, leaving at least 100 people dead area is getting some help and rescue efforts from a joint U. S military task force. Maria Martin has more And Army spokesperson says that his partners and neighbors to Honduras and Panama about 50 military personnel and six helicopters out of Soto Cano airbase in Honduras. Have been deployed to help rescue stranded victims of the storm, according to military press. The mission of the Joint Task Force called Bravo includes disaster relief in Central America. Maria Martin reporting Wall Street ended the day in mixed territory. The Dow down 66 the NASDAQ Up four. This is NPR. In Australia. The state of Victoria appears to have bounced back from a major Corona virus outbreak and has now recorded zero no cases for the seventh day in a row. Rachel Bongiorno has more Residents of Victoria, the EPI Center of Australia's outbreak and now celebrating this comes three months after the state was recording more.

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