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Good source on this i don't know where you're getting that from that muller's a good guy he was not helping flynn the flint thing was not some joe joe triple quadruple and around like four dimensional chess that i'm telling you you're not right if you believe that i i'm sure of it i would bet my entire professional reputation on it you are not correct based on that alone i cannot come to the conclusion and again this is my opinion or free freidy own that that that bob muller is in any way acting in the interests of the trump administration or america bob muller is looking to take down donald trump and the reason he is targeting popadopoulos and flint is because it some white hat operation he's a good guy and this is really a four dimensional chess and he's giving these people a pass by charging them what lesser crimes who these people were really infiltrators against the trump team we don't know about popadopoulos but we know flynn wasn't that i'm telling you for a fact that's not what's happening what bob muller is doing is taking down the network of people joe around donald trump trying to get them to flip what i find interesting is a lot of people with these theories and again it's not a knock i don't mean this an jerky kind way they've never investigated federal cases a lot of them were never federal agent some some were but they have different theories i did this for a living this is the way you take down what you believe to be a criminal syndicate show the problem with the trump team is there's no crime.

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