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The FBI broke Apple’s iPhone encryption, but you shouldn’t panic



Justice Department is still angry at Apple. You probably saw the stories yesterday that had Attorney General William bar announcing that the F. B. I was able to break into the phone of the. What's the word I'm looking for? Who Shot Up Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida? Killing three and wounding eight. According to a bar evidence on the phone ties this. What's the word I'm looking for to the terrorist group? Al-qaeda mission accomplished right. Well sure but how much easier would have been for the DOJ if apple had you know snuck him in the back way that had bar saying thanks to the great work of the FBI and no thanks to apple? We were able to unlock the individuals phones. The bottom line national security cannot remain in the hands of big corporations who but dollars over lawful access and public safety. The time has come for a legislative solution. The piece from the verge had bar saying Apple's decision has dangerous consequences for the public safety and the national security and is in my judgment unacceptable. Apples desire to provide privacy for its customers is understandable but not at all costs. There is no reason why companies like apple cannot design their consumer products and APPs to allow for court authorized access by law enforcement while maintaining very high standards of data security striking. This balance should not be left to corporate boardrooms in Grip Palooza Twenty Sixteen Magadan Gate. The twenty twenty addition. This is something the DOJ has wanted for years going so far as to sue apple back in two thousand sixteen when the FBI was having trouble breaking into iphone. Used by those. What's the word I'm looking for craven? Cowards who shot up an office in San Bernardino in late twenty fifteen eventually the FBI found a way N and they did this time too but you know had to work for it or spend money on it. Maybe the piece from Apple and CIDER on the issue points out that Rhodium which buys bats and sells exploits to law enforcement and other officials announced last week that it was done buying IOS exploits for a while because it has too many of them. But there Oughta be a law in the opinion of the Department of Justice that makes breaking into iphones like yours. Mine and everyone else's easier not everybody agrees quoting the C net piece tech companies including facebook and Google have argued that the same protection keeps millions of people safe from hackers and criminals and shield political dissidents and oppressive countries experts on encryption of also pointed out that if companies oblige and create lawful access that can only be used in criminal investigations. It would create a vulnerability that hackers could potentially exploit. Sounds like the same soup warmed over to the American civil liberties. Union and Gadget Had A. C. L. U. Senior Staff Attorney Brett Max Kaufmann responding to the comment saying every time there's a traumatic event requiring investigation into digital devices. The Justice Department loudly claims claims. It needs back doors to encryption and then quietly announces and actually found a way to access information without threatening the security and privacy of the entire world. The boy who cried. Wolf has nothing on the Agency. They cried encryption. Of course having been called out specifically apple took umbrage at the DOJ's portrayal was probably the part when G. Bar said no thanks to apple apple insider had apple responding to the DOJ's characterization after expressing in no uncertain terms how devastating and heinous last December's terrorist attack was apple pointed out that it began helping the FBI that day. According to the company statement we provided every piece of information available to US including cloud backups account information and transactional data for multiple accounts and we lent continuous and ongoing technical and investigative support to FBI offices in Jacksonville Pensacola and New York. Over the months. Since on this and many thousands of other cases we continue to work around the clock with the FBI and other investigators who keep Americans safe and bring criminals to justice as a proud American company apple continued. We consider supporting law enforcement. Important work our responsibility. The false claims made about our company or an excuse to weaken encryption and other security measures that protect millions of users and our national security. It is because we take our responsibility to national security so seriously that we do not believe in the creation of a back door one which will make every device vulnerable to bad actors who threaten our national security and the data security our customers. There is no such thing as a back door. Just for the good guy says apple and the American people do not have to choose between weakening encryption and effective investigations.

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